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[author image=”” ]Zeeshan Alam Student of Masters in Business Administration (MBA – Finance) at Comsats Institute of Information Technology Islamabad Pakistan [/author]

The word smile, most beautiful and my favorite word of life. The four letters word has all things in it. Today I tell you what is smile?In eye of me. As a student we know that every word has its own definition and a story behind it, likewise I come up with definition of smile, its types, and how it linksto life and much more about it. I hope you will enjoy my writing.Let start with the basic definition of smile.

According to my school of thought:

Smile is an art of human science which derive from inner satisfaction of life. The subject which has no syllabus, no exams nor to learn, it is built in knowledge gifted by the Almighty Allah to us, all in all its inside us hidden like a soul.

Smile is a feeling when a father see his son holding degree in hand, a mother searching a bride for his son, a color of life, meanwhile something that is different from everything.

When you look in eyes of someone there would be many things you will see. Like many of cases I saw people were too much busy in their lives but they forget to smile and they also forget about the inner satisfaction. It is like a balloon full with air having smile in it, just need a little pin to flash it, but harsh to say people don’t have enough time to bring a needle or pin to boom the balloon and spread the smile. I am just talking about inside feeling of individual person. It just like the same situation with every person of this world.

How it links to life:

Through example I try to clarify it, as we know that Mathematics almost everyone hate it but I love mathematics subjects, related to this subject as we well aware of it, without the two words “if and suppose “of English. The subject of Math never exist. Likewise if a person say he/she don’t have smile then I must say, he/she have no life. It indicates, they have no “if and suppose” to perform Math’s. I hope it will clarify the linkage of life and smile.

Moreover smile has some basic types according to my school of thought:

  1. Internal smiles
  2. External smiles

As the name suggest you about it. I hope these names will clear the concepts of smiles to you. Inner smiles are those which feels and give to pleasure to live, but it limit to yourself. On another hand side external smiles are the feelings which has no limits and also feel and give pleasure to live, its vary people to people when you smile externally it will give you happiness as well as the person next to you will also feel same thing in his/her life. Just think once to smile in your life, I guarantee it doesn’t cost you. Just need to find it in your life.

At last I must say in your life never forget three things which are damn important for life are:

  1. Smile
  2. Smile &
  3. Smile

This is all about my school of thought, may be people think more than this and some people are may be against this, but never the less, what I feel, I share, Because I know without smile there is no life, I damn sure everyone in this universe had smile once in his/her life. I wish all people of this world will smilein their lives forever. (Amen)

Just forget to say keep smiling 🙂

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