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Diversity is our strength

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Acceptance of religious and cultural diversity is the strength of every civilized community. There is no such religious philosophy of war and conflict, it is the essence of every religion to bring peace and brotherhood among individuals, but unfortunately, growing religious intolerance and hater in Gilgit Baltistan is result of fuelling sectarianism in the region. Now, this is the primary responsibility of individual to promote peace in the region by restricting religious issues. Political leadership must play positive and impartial role in bringing peace and stability in Gilgit Baltistan by restricting religious issues.Currently, Due to unfavorable and unsafe environment in Gilgit Baltistan, students and families are seriously suffering from their studies and routine activities. Government institutions and law enforcement agencies must work together to maintain law and order in the region.There are some unknown forces in the region, their aim is to bring insecurity and violence in the region by using sectarian violence.
We belongs to same ethnic groups, culturally and religiously, everyone has to play positive role in bringing peace and stability in Gilgit Baltistan.Tolerance and respect for others is the identity of Gilgit Baltistan. Moreover, the livelihood of people Gilgit Baltistan is a completely depends on tourism and hotel industry, specially Skardu and Hunza. We have to create peaceful environment to further boost tourism in the region.
However, Government institutions initially ignored this issue but they are working to bring peace and stability in the. Everyone has to play responsible role for bringing peace and security in Gilgit Baltistan region. Spreading propaganda against different religious groups must be restricted at all without having any discrimination.
Chief minister of Gilgit Baltistan and Force commander (FCNA) must work together in this regard just to ensure peaceful environment in the region. Issue can be resolved by negotiations and dialogue.
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With best regards
Imran khan hunzaii
Student of international relations At national Defense university Islamabad.

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