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Surprising Traditional Coincide (Druk Wangyel & Shap)

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“Shaap” is a ritual celebrated by the Shina-speaking communities living in Gilgit-Baltistan. It is a festival that celebrates the arrival of new year. Throughout the festival, youth and elders, wearing masks, singing and dancing, visit houses in the vicinity, praying for prosperity, peace and good crops. The house residents to whom they visited offer them favors in return.
On the other hand, The Druk Wangyel Festival happens annually on 13th December annual Bhutanese festival that takes place at the Druk Wangyel Lhakhang (temple) in Dochula. This festival stands out from the other religious festivals in the country due to its distinctive dances. The image shows the Dance of Gadpo and Ganmo (Dance of old men and women). For this, the dancers wear wrinkled masks and grey wigs; this performance is believed to bring longevity and happiness to the festival attendees.
These rituals are seeming to be similar, however their olden times history is entirely unrelated. Nowadays, both rituals indicate similar enthusiasm “praying for prosperity and wellness”. We have never imagined the cultural similarities around the globe. Been logically sound we can come across several bound of many cultures in this world.
As understanding other cultures builds bridges. It is the finest way to bring the world closer together and to Truth. Through understanding, others able to see their similarities before differences.

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