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Launch of Eco-Tourism Campaign in Hunza

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HunzaMay 6, 2024 – Today, under the umbrella of civil society support initiatives KADO has initiated a week long Eco-Tourism Campaign in the region of Hunza. Which received an overwhelming show of support from a diverse array of stakeholders, marking a significant milestone in the collective effort to address environmental challenges exacerbated by tourism. The initiative, generously supported by the Islamic Relief Pakistan and NUST (National University of Sciences and Technology) Islamabad, aims to foster sustainable tourism practices while preserving the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Hunza.

The opening ceremony, attended by representatives from governmental departments including Assistant Director Tourism Department Mr, Salman Paras, Deputy Director Agriculture Department Dr Ijlal, Officials from Waste Management Department, developmental organizations, educational institutions, hospitality sector, youth groups, social activists, and more, underscored the urgency of tackling environmental issues and promoting responsible tourism practices in the region.The event kicked off with warm welcome from KADO’s COO Mr. Faheem and Mr. Syed Asghar Ali representative NUST, emphasizing the crucial role of community engagement in addressing environmental concerns and promoting sustainable tourism.Representatives from the Islamic Relief Pakistan outlined the mission of the campaign, mentioning their interventions as orphan education, financial support, and environmental sustainability across various regions of Pakistan. Thematic areas such as climate resilient communities, water conservation, and community empowerment programs were highlighted by Mr Faheem with the country director of Islamic Relief Pakistan Mr Raza.
Participants deliberated on the alarming effects of climate change, sharing insights and experiences from their respective fields. Initiatives such as the Eco-Tourism Drive and Youth Climate Clubs were highlighted as effective means of engaging communities and fostering environmental stewardship.

Stakeholders from the hospitality sector, including the Hotel Association, emphasized the importance of waste management and sustainable practices. Recommendations for reuse, recycling initiatives, awareness campaigns, and collaboration with local communities were put forth.Representatives from the Education Department underscored the importance of integrating environmental education into school curricula and engaging students in conservation efforts. Plans for educational workshops, eco-friendly initiatives, and youth empowerment programs were discussed.Students, youth groups, and social activists shared their perspectives on environmental sustainability and the role of youth in driving positive change. Recommendations for tree planting drives, eco-friendly tourism initiatives, and advocacy campaigns were enthusiastically received.

Attendees reaffirmed their commitment to collaborative efforts, emphasizing the need for ongoing partnerships between government agencies, NGOs, businesses, and local communities to address environmental challenges effectively.

Awareness Campaigns: Plans are underway to launch comprehensive awareness campaigns targeting tourists, locals, and stakeholders across Hunza and beyond.Workshops, training sessions, and capacity-building programs will be organized to equip communities with the knowledge and skills necessary for sustainable tourism practices.Stakeholders pledged to advocate for policies and regulations that promote environmental conservation, sustainable tourism, and community development in the region.

Looking Ahead:

As the Eco-Tourism Campaign gains momentum, KADO, NUST and Islamic Relief Pakistan  remain committed to fostering a culture of sustainability, environmental stewardship, and responsible tourism in Hunza. Through continued collaboration, engagement, and innovation, the campaign aims to create a lasting impact on the region’s natural environment, cultural heritage, eco-tourism  and socio-economic development.

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Launch of Eco-Tourism Campaign in Hunza

HunzaMay 6, 2024 – Today, under the umbrella of civil society support initiatives KADO has initiated a week long Eco-Tourism Campaign in the region of Hunza. Which received an overwhelming