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Growing water scarcity human losses in Hunza.

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Providing basic necessities including education, health, food, electricity, water and shelter to all citizens is the primary responsibility of every state and it’s institutions. But unfortunately, in today’s tragic incident we have lost two senior citizens our community while doing the maintenance of irrigation system in Aliabad Hunza.

Maintenance of irrigation system is not the responsibility of individual’s but they are working on voluntary basis.

Moreover, Hunza which is centre of tourist destination in Gilgit Baltistan which is now seriously suffering from these basic necessities. water scarcity is one of most serious non-traditional threat, which is rapdily growing in the region due to mismanagement of irrigation system. while district administration Hunza has been giving traditional statements regarding these issues rather than take some positive measures. On the other political leadership also failed to addressed these basis issues including water scarcity in the region.
Shortage of electricity in Hunza is also one of major issue since many years but unfortunately, so far, only fake commitments and political point scoring by politicians.

Political leadership and Non-governmental organisations must work together to overcome these serious challenges on urgent basis, so that human losses can be avoided in the future. Chief minister of Government of Gilgit Baltistan should take immediate notice of human losses in the maintenance of irrigation system.
Aliabad Hunza is one of most populace cities in gilgit Baltistan, city needed huge amount of water than other cities because of commercial business and domestic requirements.

This issue can be addressed by introducing new irrigation policies system in gilgit Baltistan.
Citizens of Aliabad Hunza, have been seriously showing their dissatisfaction and disappointment over forest department of Gilgit Baltistan because it’s negligence and bad irrigation policies with regards to irrigation system.

All government and Non-governmental organisations needs their attention to mitigate with water scarcity in Aliabad Hunza. If this issue can not be resolved timely, there may be more chances of different fatal diseases due unhealthy water. So should be addressed on urgent basis. Thank you all.

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