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Rising suicide cases in gilgit Baltistan

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Continuously rising suicide cases in gilgit Baltistan is extremely disappointing and shocking for everyone us regardless of it’s nature. Suicide is considered final solution of all challenges and obstacles in reality this is the mark of immature minds. Life is the name of continuous struggle and hardwork. life isn’t name of give up and disappointment. Life is one of most precious gift by Allah almighty. In my opinion, life is limited time frame and given him once to perform something, now what to perform in this limited time frame that is really amazing and questionable. I’m sure everyone has desire for happiness and success in this limited time period. Life begins with collective race where you are supposed to run with millions of individuals. Sometimes you can win the race and sometimes you are defeated in this race. Individuals are considered basic pillars of any society, if pillars are strong automatically than, there will be foundation of strong societ having heathly minds and intellectuals. This is common social fact, When any individual has achieved something he is appriciated socially, contrary to this, when he failed to achieve something, he is misguided and discouraged rather than motivating him to make second attempt. Then, he finally decided for suicide. religious interpretation regarding suicide is exactly right, which prohibited from suicide. Obviously, this is an immoral and against of fundamentals of Islamic principles. Life is actually an the opportunity to contribute your efforts in the social development and welfare of your society. But unfortunately, we made this opportunity as burden on ourselves rather than making it more comfortable and peaceful. Life without without challenges is completely impossible everyone has challenges and obstacles his life. These challenges may be financial or domestic in nature. Learn to fight with these challenges. Without challenges and obstacles nobody is succeeded in life. Moreover, social structure of any society plays crucial role in shaping individual’s life.
Societals norms and social restrictions over individuals are forced them from social deviation by an individual is cause you suicide. Everyone has moral responsibility to accept and respect others personal issue. Providing them guidance may help in bringing social prosperity in the community. But Unfortunately, Class system and social discrimination, which is still exist in the Remote areas of Gilgit Baltistan, which is continously increasing in our region which may cause of disappointment among individuals. the culture of superiority and inferiority must be discouraged at all. For the development of society inclusive institutions must be setup. So that everyone can get access to education and health. Another reason behind rising suicide cases in gilgit Baltistan region is high inflation.
Rapidly increasing unemployment in the county brings hopelessness and dissatisfaction among young generations. Gilgit Baltistan government should take action serious measures to overcome this issue. From the political point of view, this the fundamental rights of individual to get access to education and health. State has responsibility to provide and ensure equal opportunities to citizens without having any religious and political discrimination. Additionally, education and health department of Gilgit Baltistan needs to work collectively to address this issue. They need to take some positive measures to overcome this burning issue, so we can save the future of young generations.

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Imran Khan Hunzai

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