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Angels in Brutal’s trap

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[author image=”” ]Nazia Parveen student M.Phil International Relation’s (NDU)[/author]

Taliban militants stormed the Army Public School in Peshawar on Tuesday morning. The attackers killed over 130 people including 126 students and have left nearly 100 injured, many are said to be in critical condition. The law enforcers continue their operation against the militants still holed up inside the school.


erveen.jpg” ]Nazia Parveen student M.Phil International Relation’s (NDU)[/author]

Armed forces of any Country are taken as the custodians of national sovereignty. Pakistan Army is not exception to this military ethos. National Security means, the protection of Nation from any extreme threat. In the Pakistani perspective, the Armed forces have always played their due role firmly to protect the nation and the motherland even with limited resources. Pak Army is the only Army in world which is fighting on multiple fronts; they are fighting against external enemy, facing internal challenges.

Terrorists tried their level best to fight with Pak army but they faced failure in Operation Zarb-e-Azb. After facing great failure in FATA Taliban adopted the strategy of hitting soft targets in Urban centers where they can cause maximum damage. We have example of Wagah Border incident which occurred recently.

Army is being attacked by the terrorists and now they started attacking their children to demoralize them and to give immense pain to entire nation, but alas the cowards chose a very wrong way to take their revenge. We have heard several times that terrorist have no religion, they are brutal and they don’t belong to any human race but today’s incident in Peshawar proved they are insane, rather the worst creature in the universe.

A school is a place where children are taught about life how they should live a life of a perfect human but today terrorists took away their lives it’s really sad, the innocent angels who don’t even know the meaning of death are being forced to die, the pure white uniform which is symbol of peace turned red by their innocent blood. The school where morning begins with loud voice of national anthem was turned into sounds of Bullets, bomb blasts, and Screams of innocents children.  It’s a black day in history of Pakistan and we all condemn this incident.

 Why don’t they (Terrorists) gather enough courage to fight with Army rather than taking revenge from innocent children? The coward terrorists will face the results soon and we will convey them how strong we are when it’s about our motherland and sovereignty. We will not let them live on our soil. We will fight with more courage and strength they cannot demoralize us.  Those who laid their lives and embraced martyrdom were the future of Pakistan.

I pray the blood of these innocent lives unites us, and we leave our differences aside for defending the sovereignty of Pakistan. This painful story of 13 years war on terror will end soon. This is the war of survival and Insha’Allah we will win it with prestige. Terrorists will face the failure one day and Pakistan will become prosperous a land of peace and happiness, where people will live without any fear of death….

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