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USAID-funded project to protect wildlife launched

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CHITRAL: The USAID on Saturday launched a project to build capacity of communities to ensure their active participation and involvement in better management and protection of wildlife in Chitral.

HunzaNews,July 26,2014

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Tahir Rashid, the general manager of the USAID’s partner organisation, Leadership in Environment and Development, said that the programme would organise and build capacity of indigenous communities conserved areas (ICCAs) on scientific lines. “The project will also ensure the mapping and scientific survey of wildlife species,” he added. Mr Rashid said that ICCAs in Chitral had rich experience of conservation of nature, but their exclusion from the process over the past decades had threatened the local ecosystem. “Overall aim of the project is to map, build the capacity of the community, and identify enabling conditions, best practices and lessons linked to better wildlife management in the area,” he added. Mr Rashid said that the project would enhance community’s knowledge about the varieties of wild species, their habitat and location and movement with changing season. “The project will also support evidence based discussions on ways in which the policy framework and implementation mechanism for wildlife management could be made sensitive towards ICCAs,” he added. Ajaz Ahmed, the project coordinator, also explained the objectives, expected outcomes and the context in which the project was conceived. Local MPA Salim Khan, deputy commissioner Aminul Haq and representatives of various conserved communities from Kalash valleys and Laspur in upper Chitral were also in attendance. The participants appreciated the launch of the project in the wildlife management and assured their support in making it a success.

Zahiruddin – chitraltoday

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