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Pakistani Dramas – A Critical Analysis

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The ode lives upon the ideal, the epic upon grandiose, the drama upon the real. The show business has all phases and grades of dignity, from the exhibition of a monkey to the exposition of that highest art in music or drama which secures for the gifted artists worldwide fame princes well might envy. We are living in era where there is a lot of hustle bustle. Everyone is in a race and working hard to get more and more, barely finding time to relax. Here in this state, dramas are playing the leading role. They are source of entertainment, time killing, learning etc. Drama is something which is full of suspense, thrill, romance, comedy and much more. Pakistan drama industry is framing dramas from era of 19’s andthey are known for being relatively short, and usually end after a run of less than one year. This makes them shorter than soap operas, but still much longer than serials. Most Pakistani dramas are based on Urdunovels; however, sometimes the story line tends to deviate from the novels plot in order to be television compatible. Traditionally, Pakistani dramas are more appealing to women’s than men, however, the newly action dramas have slowly attracted younger male audience. Pakistan drama industry starts their journey from “PLAYS” on airing on PAKISTAN TELEVISION (PTV).in black and white video but then gradually evolution came and plays started converting in serials and the quality of video started improving. People concentration increased and they tend to watch them even more. The matter of fact is that these dramas leave great influence on one’s life; dramas are actually the reflection of society. From 19’s to 2017 a huge difference has occurred. As technology improves, mode, thoughts, scripts, locations, ideas changed and improved too. But in doing so we left a lot behind us, and forget our culture, our traditions and customs.

Moving towards pros and cons. If we compare our classic dramas with our trending dramas we will easy see a huge difference. Here are the list of pros and cons


  • In our classic dramas there was unconventional storylines
  • Actual customs and traditions of Pakistan
  • Edification, limits, reality, modesty

There was a drama named “khudaKi basti” in which they focused on prevalent social issues of society which was showing reality of society with no exaggeration

  • If we talk about romance that was soo limited and reserved that even the actors feel too much shyness in touching each other that looked too much cute and innocent. Almost every drama contains some romance.
  • Now coming to our trendy dramas , they still are trying to represent the customs of Pakistan
  • They are highlighting the aggressive issues of society, that village council system that are still the common issue of Pakistan, we are children of 21 century but we were unaware of these type of concepts like the drama “Sammi” has reintroduced the term “wanni” which is I believe is new term for us.
  • They are highlighting social issues like child molestation as it was shown in drama, “Udaari”
  • They are showing the actual face of society like what issues niggas have to face, they are not getting ligaments because people now a days evaluate one from their physical beauty , e.g. “kalmohi”
  • Pakistani comedy is still best among all, dramas like “Bulbulay” is still so far best.
  • They are showing that our religion is still too much attracted that even if you start betraying, it will automatically attract you like in drama , “Mein Abdul Qadir Hu”
  • The drama “Khuda mera bhi ha” is the awesome drama in which they showed that raising a transgender in good surrounding can change them.
  • These have limited episodes that one can easily watch them without getting fed-up


  • First most thing is that these dramas are becoming bold day by day, like they are showing the concept of rape and illegal childlike in drama “Bekhudi”
  • They always show that the allied class boy or girl will like the middle class boy or girl which is totally fake because every class will like to make relation in their class for e.g. drama “Shiza”
  • They always show that females have dominancy over males, they rule the house e.g. almost every drama
  • They always show the Mother in law as cruel women, very rare dramas represent mother in law as a polite women e.g. “Aseer Zaadi”
  • Old classic dramas were sometimes too much slow and boring that even spectators starts being panic
  • Now a days science fiction is almost eradicated from industry like in back days “Ainak Wala Jinn” was the fantabolous and was the most favorite serial of children but now that thing is missing
  • Cartoons and animation is almost end, I remember in our childhood those cartoons of “Uncle Sargam” used to on air before our school time and we were fond of watching them, that immaturity has been lost somewhere.
  • Patriotic dramas are nowhere now days; the classic serial “Alpha Bravo Charlie” was blockbuster drama in back days, now only patriotismpops out near 14 august or 6 September.
  • Romance is common and bold in today’s dramas, before marriage they wander and roam alone with each other like in drama “Ye Raha Dill”.
  • And most common story in all dramas that 1 boy and 2 girls
  • Divorce is damn common andusual, in every drama on little quarrel they give divorce like in drama “Baba Ki Rani”.

So in short, no doubt Pakistani industry is going out class but still they have to ponder over little improvements. And hope we will get to watch some more awesome dramas.

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