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Issues of Social Media

komal komi is young author of Gilgit baltistan

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Social Media is an online platform where we can share thoughts ,information, pictures and videos. We all use it in our daily life. It has become an integral part of our lives. There are various Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. We all use them to communicate and Socialize locally as well as globally. Social Media has both advantages and disadvantages . lets put some light on advantages of social media.
The biggest benefit of Social Media is that we can share our thoughts and ideas with people across the world. Now even common man can express s his opinion on any nation or international issues.
Another benefits of Social Media is that people can show case their talent on this platform. Many people have gained fame by showing their talent through Social Media. It is also helping people to earn money .People sell a lot of things like clothes, books, electronic items etc through Social Media.
Social Media is also used to create awareness amongst people People with good knowledge about topics like health or nutrition use this platform to create awareness amongst people.
The drawbacks of Social Media. People have got used to of checking their Social Media accounts every now and then. They spend a lot of time in checking various posts on Social Media.
Spending lot of time on Social Media also brings a lot of health disorders like stress, Anxiety, and sleeplessness. Another drawback of Social Media is that we cannot trust all the information can be true while some can be true while some can be fake. At time false news spread like wildfire through this platform. Our personal information becomes easily available to many on the net Hence we need to stay alert from hackers. Apart from this cyberbullying is another major drawback of Social Media. Some people post Negative and hate comments, on another accounts and harass them.
Social Media has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage like socializing has made our life simpler and convenient. There are some disadvantages too. We need to used this platform wisely and in a limited way so that we can make the most out of this new platform
Social Media has become increasingly population in our day to day lives. Mostly today’s Social Media become Misused in current time. The highly addictive nature of Social Media has produced Social, Health and Psychological issues of youth. Spending too much time on Social Media harms Students as it lead to concentration problem It invaded our privacy.
The cybercrimes are a new face of Social Media. Hackers can commit frauds and launch virus attacks. Cyberbullying in another growing trend ,fake news and rumors disturb peace and order of the society
There is a need to spread awareness about the possible misused of social media. Unnecessary use of social media must be avoided the technology must be used in the right way.
It exposes Young teens say below eighteen years to online predators who get to woo them into sexual acts such as lesbianism and other general sexual misconducts. It also exposes these teens to pornographic content being spread in some.
The social groups online. This is turn lead to early pregnancies amongst young girls causing them to drop out of school. It also can lead to contracting of sexually Such as HIV and this can lead to early deaths of our young generation. The morals of these teens in also tampered with as they now get access to immoral literature and videos. Parents should guide and advise their children on current matters like the usage of social media and warn them of its negative impacts to them when misused or overused. The education curriculum also should be revised so that it can include social media studies in its disciplines so as to alert students that they need to be careful in their social media usage.

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