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Hunza Development Movement is happy to announce that the power generation project to bring from China has been approved by PM

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The efforts of HDM under the leadership of Raja Shehbaz Khan as they have met Abid Sher Ali,Chinese Ambassador and signed the power project to them, 

HunzaNews, March 23,2015

During interview with Hunza News Raja Shabaz said “Being the chairman of Hunza development moment I and my team laid the foundation stone to cut off all the power problems of specially Hunza Nagar then Gilgit Baltistan therefore we meet with ambassador of china and then with ministry of water and power along with Senator Talha Mehmood as our representative in pakistan senate to import power from china to Gilgit Baltistan then to all over Pakistan hence agreement was signed between Abid sher ali minister of water and power and Senator Talha Mehmood then it was forwarded to PM finally our struggle was successful after the notification of PM in news paper therefore I and my team are thankful to our respected PM Nawaz Sharif.:




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