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[author image=”” ]Salima Aman from Aliabad Hunza doing BS in media studies from Islamic university[/author]

It’s a well proverb that our deeds lead us to our right destiny; somehow we are responsible for our good and bad happenings. Giving a précised touch everyone agrees with the fact that women have been provided with her civil privileges since the advent of Islam, and with not a single dot of uncertainty we are having our elementary rights like education, freedom of speech, development of careers without restrictions even we are stepping equally with men in society although there is a big difference. Directing towards the focal issue, very specifically the place from where we belong; is highlighted for giving respect and providing much space to girls particularly in determining their vocations.

Gilgit-Baltistan is a land of peace no hesitation; daughters are given high rank and priorities in every arena. It became a trend, right after having the certificate of our Matriculation either we demand or following the teachings that girls should be given importance in education our appreciated parents send us miles away from our homes to achieve excellence in education for becoming a competitive individual to continue in society. We all are aware of the truth that our parents are not the landlords to afford our all expenses still they compromise with their requirements and fulfill our desires just for the sake of our visions hopingthat one day we will make them pleased, but what actually happens a very few of the girls trap into vowed webs which becomes very difficult to find themselves again. With the great lament I have to mention that two girls from Gilgit-baltistan were gang raped couple of days before here in Rawalpindi, I wouldn’t go with the specifications, my basic purpose is to make other esteemed girls aware that following a wrong decision in emotions fissure our identity as well as the expectations of parents into a deep dark room. Girls are like a piece of crystal which is worth until it is glittery, so we all need to be very cautious footing a single step in society. We are far away from our homes to achieve our goals not to get involve into lame love affairs which are just for the time being and end up with tragedies which can’t be regretted back. Is this the pleasant we are giving to our beloved parents in return of trust and for civilizing us? Just ones ask your selves.

Keep the sacrifices of your parents in mind, move with the activities which are only serving in emerging your character and providing you a respectable place in the social order, make wise decisions to uphold the reputation of your region. It’s never too late to turn around regardless of what you have done or what you are doing just give it a sincere look and don’t mismanage your freedom for wrong doings instead use your dominance for good will of your region and your family. Never let your emotions to let you down, hopefully a great cooperation would be followed.

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