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Hunza and Mir- Past, Present and Future

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[author image=”” ]Amjad Ali is a blogger  and writes about politics and culture of Gilgit-Baltistan [/author]

Hunza Valley has become a brand name all over the world more prominently known as Hunza culture, Hunza foods, Hunza fruits and dry fruit, Hunza gems and stones, moreover, Hunza   is echoed for last many decades at different corner of the globe. Have we ever tried to question ourselves and find the answer? What are the factors that make a piece of land so popular? Caring People, hospitality, land scape, culture, and brotherhood are factors run through our minds if we go for a quick answer.

The role of Mirs of Hunza is the most important factor as they molded and shaped the tradition and culture of Hunza and made it well recognized. For instance, if the Mirs had the wrong attitudes and attributes, would Hunza have got this much name and fame even before accession and integration of the princely state to Pakistan? They have contributed well in the image building of the area that is why they are respected. Looking into the matters of Hunza, the overall role of Mirs has remained constructive as compared to the other princely states existed in the time.

Mir Gazanfar is the descendant of the same Mirs who was supposed to be the ruler of the state if Hunza wasn’t accessed to Pakistan. He too has done some progressive work for the area but, alas, due to unknown reasons he is failing to sustain the respect for him and his family. Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan is dear to all, being a symbol of the kingship of his ancestors and it is awful to see that he has misused the respect which is turning into hatred.

Hunza Valley is going through a  democratic change since the end of  Hunza  State . People of Hunza are different now than the time of Mirs rule. An enormous change has occurred in the socio-economic, culture and education sectors. People still respect the royal family and it is important to give them respect and regard as royal families are respected in other demolished princely states. There is nothing wrong in giving due regard and respect.

What is wrong with the path Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan is following, the path of making locals realize getting  fools or mislead. This is a very crucial time for both, Mir and Public, to decide the fate of Hunza. Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan ,if goes wisely can write his name in golden words for the coming generations.  Being elected democratically himself but pulling his sons and wife in the thrones of politics by power  might bring happiness to him and his family but this success might  wash out the good image of the royal family which exists for centuries and could not give them space in the upcoming political transitions.

Most of the people follow and support Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan due to his influence in the mainstream power channels in Pakistan and Gilgit-Baltistan, they are short-sighted, looking for temporarily and worldly benefits instead of a long term healthy plan for the area. Isn’t it wise that Mir should use these powers to empower the people of Hunza? What stops him from doing so? Is he of the view that Hunza is that impotent that it cannot given birth to a man or woman more intelligent than him? Are the people still inferior? Or here is any force, internal or external which does not allow him to love, respect and empower his people?

Mir is estimable because a Mir gives equal rights opportunities and respect to all the natives of its territory. When he forgets his duties and responsibilities, people start forgetting him. The dignity of Mirs is on stake.  Estimable Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan, it is you to make a wonderful history, you failure will invite the people to write their own according to their will and yours will be erased, erased forever. Give respect, care and empowerment to the people, they will keep you in their hearts forever. Believe in the people and people will believe in you.

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