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[author image=”” ]Tashmin Hunzai,BSc Social Sciences [/author]

Life is all about hard work, reward, success, achieving goals, self-satisfaction, having confidence about what you do, strong aims and happiness in what you do. from the beginning our parents and teachers teach us to be strong and give our best. We come up with many obstacles. One who will come with a better result will be successful. Intelligence is when you go through many hard times and you cope with that situations and find a positive solution. It is not important that you always get for what you have dreamed about. You get what you sometime are not willing for.
Successful life means you have all the things which you have dreamed for. Failure is part of your life, once you fail does not mean that you are incompetent. No it’s not like that, everyone has got a talent, and he is perfect in his own interest. All a person need is to think about himself and polish his talent. What if you fail in a particular field? We have many answers, we should give up, we should try again and again, we should take some guidance and we should change that field. Giving up, and changing field is like you are going to prove that you are incompetent. You give up when you were not interested in that field and you were forced to go for that. Secondly trying again is not bad, it needs courage to achieve what have you lost. You need some encouraging personalities in your life to be strong ad go for it gain. You need motivation. There are many people whom you will meet, some of them will encourage you and some will deceive you and discourage you. Those who discourage you when you fail are not the real ones who wish you to be successful or they might be jealous. On the other side, people who encourage you are the real ones who encourage you because they know you can do it without giving up.

Message for youth

Those who once failed and they quit their studies.
Learning is not about having 100%. It is about how much you get and how much you have applied that knowledge in your practical life. Well said by someone, “result card cannot decide your future at all, it is only a paper”. Don’t give up. Try again and again. You only need to motivate yourself and you need to believe in yourself, if you won’t believe in yourself you will be a looser in real. Apart from this you need to have a good relation with your parents, they are the ones who are the supporters. They won’t leave you alone ever. Believe in them.
I believe in failure is key to success. Once I used to fail in one subject, my parents, my family and my friend didn’t call me a failure, they encouraged me to work harder and today I am topper in that subject in my university among my class. Failure is not a permanent thing. Ups and downs are part of life. When I failed I didn’t quit my studies or either I thought to suicide. It is not any wise decision. Wise decision is to change bad situations into good ones. Some fields need to be studied more. Just give more time. Don’t give up what you have dreamed for, otherwise you will spend your life like a person walking without any map.

Message for teachers and parents

Always encourage your students, reward them for little things don not make them feel like losers. They need guidance not ignorance and discouragement. Give infinite chances to try again and again.
“life does not stop after you attempt in a wrong way”

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