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Aggressive opposition: Where is PTI in Gilgit – Baltistan?

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GILGIT:  While Pakistan Tehrik Insaf’s [PTI] ‘aggressive opposition’ has stirred Pakistani politics, it is altogether opposite when it comes to the politics in Gilgit – Baltistan [G-B].

HunzaNews, Oct 04,2014

Chairman PTI, Imran Khan though keeps visiting G-B’s scenic valleys including Astor, Naltar and Skardu during the summer, he has never undertaken an official visit to buck up or organize his party in the region. Apart from Imran Khan, no other leader of senior cadre did it either, leaving the party in disarray.

In the meanwhile, two parallel groups – Sabir group and Hashmat group – lay claims to be direct representatives of Imran Khan in G-B. However no attempts from main leadership were ever made to put the affair on track.

“Its very disgusting Imran Khan isn’t interested in this region’s politics,” says Tufail Ahmed, a diehard support of chairman PTI.

“What he is interested in is only the natural beauty of this region’s landscape,” said Ahmed, referring to Khan’s visits that he makes to spend his leisure time.

Following introduction of self governance order 2009, that brought status of G-B at par with a province, almost all the party heads including Nawaz Sharif, former Prime Minister Gilani, Fazal ur Rahman of JUI-F visited G-B wooing votes for their candidates. However Imran Khan avoided it and subsequently PTI fielded only one candidate in the elections which was won by PPP with a clear majority. Khan didn’t pay heed to party affairs even in aftermath putting the status of PTI in stake.

“The party is in disarray and lacks representation at the grassroots level, with a strong possibility of being routed in the coming elections,” said a party member, requesting not to be named.

“Khan sahib is talking of making a “Naya Pakistan” but he hasn’t paid attention to us. Aren’t we part of Pakistan,’ asked the disgusted worker.

PTI chief gets a stick for ignoring corruption in G-B – something he champions in rest in Pakistan.

“He just focuses on things which in turn add to his popularity. Khan knows it that’s why he is silent on the corrupt practices in G-B,” said another member.

Political pundits believe with strong presence of PPP, PML-N, JUI-F and PML-Q, and the strong support thereof from their leadership, it is highly unlikely PTI wins a single seat in the elections, which may take place anytime during October or early next year as the government is nearing completion of its term in the office.


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