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Hunza Students Federation organized an event, on two different themes Talent hunt

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Hunza Students Federation organized an event, on two different themes Talent hunt and cabinet formation.

HunzaNews,Oct 05,2014

The event was organized in Gilgit, where 653 participants participated. The talent hunt program composed of debates and singing competition. The participants fully participate in the event to turn it successful. Overall twenty five participants participated in talent hunt. The juries judge the potential participants and declared positions. Secondly the seventh cabinet of Hunza students Federation formulated through democratic process under election commission from senior students and sixth cabinet led by Ahsan Ul Haq. Under the elections Nadeem Khan President, Jamal Saeed Vice President and Jibran Karim General Secretary elected on leading positions.
The program was participated by civil society, seniors’ members of HSF, supreme council members, ex cabinet members and students of KIU. The guests of the events were Karim Khan Coordinator All Pakistan Muslim League and Waiz Aslam.
Mr. Karim Khan acknowledged role of HSF in youth development, to tackle educational issues and female empowerment. He encouraged the female segment to participate in upcoming events of HSF to boost-up their skills. He also encouraged HSF to participate in positive way for all developmental purposes.
Mr. Aslam focused youth, and quoted the references of Dr. Allama Iqbal. He especially encouraged talent hunt themes. He declared his full support to HSF in all developmental acts.
On behalf of senior members, ex president HSF Rahmat Ali, guide the new cabinet for financial stability as well as the exposure of HSF for youth empowerment through frequent events.
With the entertainment and cabinet formation program second phase extended to cabinet oath ceremony and female cabinet formation to be held shortly.




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