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‘Youth: You Can Choose Not To Do Drugs’

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[author image=”” ]Noreen Akhtar,Hailing from Karimabad, Hunza, Student of Asian University for Women. She is an under- graduate student doing her minors in Mathematics and her major will be Environmental Sciences.[/author]

Drug addiction is a brain disease which compels one to take drugs, despite the harmfulconsequences to that individual as well as people around her/him. If I specifically talk about the youth (especially guys) of Gilgit-Baltistan, then there might be different causes that are leading them towards this addiction like poverty, family problems, frustration. However, my common observation tells me that most of the guys start taking drugs, most commonly nicotine in cigarettes and alcohol just because their friends take or they want to give a try or they consider it a fashion to smoke or consume alcohol.

We all are aware that a recent painful incident brought three of the young guys to death because of the presence of poison in the alcohol. Were they the only guys addicted to alcohol, so that we could just forget what happened and do not ponder upon the situation of other guys especially teenage boys? Not at all!! Smoking and consumption of alcohol has become more common among our teenage boys which is not only annihilating their lives by affecting their health and studies but also making their families to suffer. Let’s think over why this addiction is becoming common among our youth?

First reason according to my observation is the presence of drug users in the family. Most of the drug users in the families are elder brothers, fathers or both which further encourages their sons and younger brothers to take drugs. Now, some of them try to keep their kids away from drugs but some don’t because they become ashamed and answer-less of what they have already done. Moreover, some parents do not even bother to stay away from their kids while smoking or drinking alcohol and very proudly say ‘my son will also smoke and drink because this is one of the symbols of MARDAANGI’. Believe me! Unfortunately, there are some parents who treat their sons like this.

Furthermore, parents really need to keep an eye on their kids in terms of the type of people (friends) they live with because friends usually have a deep impact on us. Moreover, not only friends but their kids behavior during occasions especially during marriage ceremonies when smoking and alcohol usage is considered very normal. This is time when guys can’t stop themselves from trying a cigarette or a just a sip of alcohol which increases gradually and at last takes their life. Here, not only parents but the seniors are also responsible to assist their juniors according to their harsh experiences they face. I strongly believe that guys follow their seniors more than their parents so they can become their good mentors.

Secondly, we have restricted drug addiction to our culture and given it a cultural definition that further encourages guys to take drugs. When a guy takes drugs we usually say he is frustrated or he is a guy so he can take drugs. However, when a girl will do the same, she will probably be beaten by her father and brothers first who themselves take drugs, because a girl cannot take drugs. The reason behind highlighting this point is not to encourage girls to take drugs but to make all of you think that how we are indirectly encouraging guys to take drugs by considering it a normal behavior for them. We should consider this addiction a threat to their HEALTH and try to find its solutions rather than considering it normal culturally.

Guys! You have a choice to say no to drugs by firstly, trying to understand what’s good or bad not only for you but for your parents and society too who have thousand expectations from you. Even if you have no any problem living a terrible life or even leaving this world, but remember! Your parents have sacrificed their whole lives for you. You can’t just bring them to hell just because you are addicted to drugs. Secondly, avoid addicted friends and if you can then please try to bring them out of this addiction by spending some good time with them and keep them away from drugs especially during ceremonies. Thirdly, if you are really concerned about this issue and our future generations then start a network of mentors on your community level. Make groups, run campaigns and assist your juniors regarding such social diseases and share your experience too so that they could become able to differentiate what’s good and what’s harmful for them.

Another factor which we need to ponder upon is that why alcohol usage is becoming more and more common during marriage ceremonies?? Has it been proved beneficial till now? I don’t think so. People become senseless, fight in front of their guests and sometimes even abuse them. Not only during marriages, I don’t know how manyaccidents have taken place on other days too. The only results are: people lose their lives, kids lose their parents and loved ones, a society loses its peace and parents lose their backbone.

These are some basic causes behind what we are facing today and I request everyone to think again and again. Think how you will try to overcome this situation if you are an addicted father or elder brother. Think if you compel your friends to take drugs that how you are not only harming him but a whole society, a whole generation. Think that how the drug sellers are making you fool in order to run their business. If you won’t think then we are a failure despite of been flourished as an independent community and having a highest literacy rate.

I hope this article will not offend anyone personally and invite you to build a better future.

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