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Youth versus economy in Gilgit Baltistan

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The youth need to be enabled to become job generators from job seekers.A.P.J Abdul Kalam

The empowerment of generation is essential phenomenon, it gives people strength and courage to believe in themselves and to go after their dreams. Young people not only represent the future of community infect they are the reps of change and progress. When individuals of community are empowered they acquire the skills, consciousness and opportunities to positively effects their own lives and existence of other individuals,organizations and communities. Hence the motive of expounding all this is to become knowledgeable and au courant with “how much does it benefits a society to work on the welfare and prosperousness of its young generation. Either it be in the form of education, profession or occupation. Verily no community can prosper until their youth is well established and thrives.

When it comes to the development everyone wants their community to develop. As a denizen of Gilgit Baltistan we as well have the same aforesaid aspiration to reach further heights of development.

Talking about youth and especially students of GB gladly they are excelling in their academics and apart from education there is no dearth of talent among the youth of GB.According to per annum about five thousand students from Gilgit baltistan graduate from various universities of Pakistan. Narrowly 10% of them get their desired job, rest of 90% remain unemployed or they move to another cities for the sake of appropriate job. In the present era getting convenient and field related job is a dream in Gilgit baltistan. Every year government announces various jobs and hardly they offer 1 or two seats. Back to the old days obtaining government job was easy but in present era due to the increase population and competition acquiring these vacancies has been become too hard and struggle some.

In gilgit baltistan, the people can’t avail a job even after completing their higher studies or other professional courses. Many individuals having higher degrees pan out opening a small business [i.e. a small shop] after not getting a desired and appropriate job for years. Due to the lack of professions and occupations parents don’t invest on their children education.

It is the responsibility of government of gilgit baltistan to promote more and more professional and occupational opportunities for the youth. Government should focus on introducing digital skills which includes content creation, E-commerce network digital marketing and social media marketing. Because they concede us to create and share content, communicate, and fraternize throughout the has the adequacy to keep young individuals busy, while facilitating them with golden opportunities to earn. According to joint research released by World Bank and Alibaba group.”E-commerce can promote in rural areas and be a strong weapon to create employment for semi-skilled workers women and other groups. And the government must focus on promoting journalism which lacks in GB.

Thirdly farming, fishing and forestry services should be introduced. Agriculture has the capability to lessen the high rate of unemployment by providing employment opportunities to people across the agriculture value chain, from production to consumption. Fishery sector gears an important role in socio-economic development. It is fast growing sector in Pakistan which provides income and employment to the people. Government should introduce various job opportunities in forestry department and recruit skillful individuals.

I request the officialdom concerned to give thought to this major we all are well aware that our universities are generating large number of graduates per year, who are totally unaware of job market.

Government should give progressive opportunities in education sectors, in the field of science and technology. They should introduce various vocational and skill based trainings for everyone. Any problem can be solved if it is given keen attention. Lack of professions and occupations is a major cause of declination of economy. This can be solved if the government focuses on more and more productive ways to promote employment opportunities for youth. Everyone should put selfish rationales apart and devote themselves to the amenity and betterment of community.

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