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What this Fight Is About?

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[author ]Tahira Mir BS Honors Botany in Punjab University (4th semester).[/author]

Its not played in a wrestling ring neither on the wayside.


What this fight is about?  Right, wrong, fake, real, truths, lies, happy, sad, superior, and inferior and yes many and many more like LIFE AND DEATH. Everything has two sides and both have the power to rule. We just can’t turn our eyes from the positive and negative aspects of our society, of our lives, and of our own self and our soul. Are you in a try to eliminate the negative energies out of this society?


And wow that’s GREAT!

From Society!

If you demand to purge the evil powers from the society and the people around you then certainly you must have first eradicate them from your own self.


Then all in vain

Do you believe that you have the power to look into someone’s eyes telling them not to lie while you just lied right through that face?

We always point our finger over others. Though its an old saying yet some reality lays in this that rest of the fingers are pointing us. We want others to be good and to remain true. Why doesn’t everyone try to expect all this integrity from own self.

Do you have a cold war with someone you don’t like? Then how can you demand someone to not smile at your face with hatred inside.

We all are living in the same sea thinking ourselves to be superior over others and regarding our goodness. Pulling other’s legs and feeding the evil inside. Piling up different thoughts and views about others and treating them according to our mentality. Deceitful inside we demands others to be truthful. Burning in the blazes of envy, here we hear the slogans of friendship. And you are fighting to dig out the evil while carrying it with yourself in your hearts.

If you claim to be good then why your waves resonate with the bad things in others. If you are positive enough then why your eyes stuck on the negative things.

Positive and negative is not a fight neither right nor wrong is. Everything is just a part of the way we are travelling. Life is our and death is destined but not of our soul. Lets why not to catch up the good things while leaving the bad out of the camera lens of our eye. Lets not judge people to be bad or good. Forget about others. Concentrate, focus and ponder on your own character to play your role. You would surely come out with a better place on this earth where your existence and identity will play a rhythm in revolving the goodness.

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