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Wake up and Save your culture for it is the time to wake up!

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[author image=”” ]Zarina Baig
Studying B.Sc (Hons) Biotechnology at FC College Lahore..[/author]

A bad news indeed for those who mourn for their culture lost in the Denim jeans of our young generation or women trying to act out Hercules. A sad news for those who mourn to the lost heritage of women cooking in the kitchen, coughing roughly to the suffocating fumes of fireplace still articulating their culinary skills despite having excruciating pain in every part of their body, to the comfortable chairs and writing tables in various institutions . A tragic news to those who mourn to the exposure of their culture in a decent manner on a platform provided in a certain academic arena instead of rusting of their culture in the pages of thick books written by a scholar dead almost a century ago or so. Alas! Your culture is gone way too far. You have got nothing to do about it except mourning, bad mouthing women who do all this. Your culture is dying day by day and you! What else could you do except insulting your women on Social media , What else could you do to maintain your culture, your so called identity except humiliating your women to the point to abandon their lives, except looking down upon such women considering them sluts and whores worst than those found in the streets of Brooklyn.What else could you do??? I address those educated illiterates and savages who follow the aforementioned points. Is this what you call your Culture? If it is so, then I must say screw you and your Culture!Hundreds and thousands of blabbering mouths who vented out a few months ago on a picture of a young girl went viral on Social media representing her culture in a decent way are silent today about a heinous act. An act which makes everyone out there shudder to death, an act which brings the real shame for thousands of generations to come, an act which transgresses all the limits and boundaries of humanity, an act which is a real slap on the norms and values of all the societies known for their Culture, an act which is worst than what Satan refused to prostrate to God in Heavens.This act was the gang rape of a little school going kid in Aliabad Hunza by five adult boys while baiting him to his favourite chocolates and candies. In other words, five starving hyenas assaulting a lamb.Come on you cowards! Is this your culture? Is this what do you call your peaceful and beautiful Hunza? Is this the place where we find the ever blooming norms and traditions to the passion of its youth? Do you call it your culture? No! Never! It can never be a culture. It can never be a culture even of those cannibals who live in the thick tropical forests of Africa? Shame on you! Shame on your Culture! Where are you all? Why all those Blabbering mouths of Gilgit-Baltistan are reticent who went wild on the Social media to the picture of lady depicting her culture? Where is your so called honor (that firing ghairut)?? Why are you silent about this barbarian act? This act of savage and vandalism.Where are your void voices now which are loud only to humiliate women, targeting their demeanor and character, slinging mud to their norms and values?? This heinous act needs those voices not the one depicting one’s real decent culture. You all are silent about this act of vandalism where your real culture is dying. It has started to fade out since we always get to hear about these rapes of little kids in news every now and then. Wake up! Wake up! This is the time to raise your voice because yes! Now your culture needs to be mourned, your norms and values need to be mourned to their murder. This is the situation where your honour, your so called ghairut is choking down. Mourn now! Since it is the time to mourn, to yell, to shout out loud, to open up your worthless blabbering mouths for now is the time your real culture is breathing its last. Alas! It is the time that your culture is yelling out for help.I address all those educated illiterates pretending to be modern. Raise your voices now! raise your voices for all those acts of jungles against the innocent members of our society, Raise your voices for now is the time to do justice to your culture, Raise your voices to ensure justice to those innocent victims, Raise your voices to save your people, your culture, your norms and values indeed the whole humanity. Raise your voices! For people will tremble to even think again of such heinous acts. Raise your voices! For you have shown enough of cowardice (beyghairuti) now..It is the time to speak out. That wasn’t the time when that picture of young girl went viral on social media because I am the same lady from that picture. I am the girl being humiliated on Social media.Now I have raised my voice to save my culture the same way I did to present it.Come on! Give a wake up call to your honor! Your ghairut Now..

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