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Valuing Culture: The locals of Nager Valley are on the task to preserve their culture by celebrating Cultural Festival 2014 in Hopper

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In accordance to preserve the culture of Nager Valley, the local community has organized a cultural festival 2014 which commenced from today August 17, 2014 at Hopper which is the centre area of such activities in Nager Valley.

HunzaNews, Aug 22,2014

This festival will be based on pure cultural activities which aims to preserve the rich culture of the valley and aware the new generation with the importance.

The activities during the festival will include traditional sports of the area, stalls of traditional foods, and the cultural and historical music and dance. Classical equipments of construction, farming, home usage utensils, and artifacts will be displayed which will reflect the livings of the people in the olden times.

Hopper, Nager Valley is a very well know place amongst the tourism community for the glaciers, challenging tracks for trekkers, lakes, mountains, and camping sites. Thousands of tourists move to the area to enjoy the nature and such festivals will be major sources of tourism promotion in the area.


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