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US committed to assist Pak in establishing writ of state: Olson

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ISLAMABAD: US Ambassador in Pakistan Richard Olson said Pakistan rendered matchless sacrifices in the war against terrorism and his country is committed to assist Islamabad government in establishing writ of the state.

HunzaNews  February 3rd,  2014.

In an interview, The US enovy said although improving law and order in the country is an internal matter of Pakistan‚ yet the United States is ready to extend all possible assistance in this regard.

He said his country wants to expand ties with Islamabad in various fields for stability and development of the country.

Olson said Pak-US relations have significantly improved as a result of strategic dialogue and hoped the mutual cooperation will be further strengthened.

He said the US government is considering setting up another working group in education under the strategic dialogue to promote education in Pakistan.

He said the United States will fully assist Pakistan to overcome energy crisis and speedy development of other sectors. He said 1‚000 MW electricity has been added to national grid in Pakistan through US cooperation.

He said Washington will also cooperate with Islamabad to overcome gas shortage in the country and help it in the import of liquefied natural gas [LNG].

The Ambassador said the US government endorses the steps taken by Pakistan to improve its economy. He said there is a forward movement in providing Pakistani goods access to the US market. He said negotiations are underway between the two countries for an understanding in this regard.

Answering a question‚ he said the United States will continue to remain engaged with Pakistan even after pullout of NATO troops from Afghanistan.


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