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Students and Youth of Gilgit Baltistan gathered for Iftar in Rawalpindi

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Report By: Masood Ali Khan
Formation of Gilgit Baltistan Youth Forum (GBYF)

Students and Youth of Gilgit Baltistan gathered for Iftar  in Rawalpindi.

The major objective of the gathering was the formation of Gilgit Baltistan Youth Forum (GBYF) in the vicinity of Rawalpindi and Islamabad including the surrounding cities. GBYF is an alliance of the student unions and other platforms having their roots in Gilgit Baltistan and working in different cities of Pakistan. GBYF will play its role in mobilizing the youth of Giglit Baltistan for positive cause and help the citizens of GB in the jurisdiction of Rawalpindi/Islamabad and surrounding cities. The participants were the prominent political and social activists and leaders of the student unions of Gilgit Baltistan serving the people especially the students in different parts of Pakistan. The names of the participants are Maya Gilgit, Zulfiqar Ali Tattu, Shabir Mayar, Sami Barcha, Comrade Shahid Ejaz Karim, Masood Gojali, Rehman Raminji and other workers of different student unions and platforms of youth from Gilgit Baltistan.

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Later the gathering was joined by Mr. Farman Ali (Editor Tribune News Paper) and discussed the overall formation and need of the platform for the positive implementation. He stated that for sustainability and smooth working of the platform the cabinet needs to consider three important factors (democracy within the system, transparency and accountability) which will lead to move towards the vision and mission of the platform.

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Furthermore Maya Gilgiti elected as President of GBYF stated the current political, social, Educational and Health issues in the region and promised his services in future with full efforts and faith, being the overall lead of the platform. Mr. Shabir Mayar and Zulfiqar Ali Tattu (Vice President GBYF) encouraged the efforts of youth in different capacities. Mr. Sadaqat Ali Sahil expressed his views and revised the pros and cons of the activities in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Each participants of the gathering shared their views and ideas for betterment of GBYF which will have its impact in overall services.
The structure and cabinet members of GBYF are as following
Mr. Maya Gilgiti (President)
Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Tattu (V. President)
Mr. Sadaqat Ali Sahil ( Gen. Secretory)
Mr. Ali Yar (V. Gen Secretory)
Mr. Kaif Balti (Spokesman)
Mr. Asim Tiger (Secretory Information)
Mr. Sartaj Kamal and Khalid Gilgiti ( Finance)
Mr. Masood Gojali ( Secretory Media Cell)
Mr. Sayed Shahdawil (Secretory Administration)
The meeting concluded with the fact that GBYF will help in reactivate the student unions in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, provide awareness of political, social, educational (Career councilling), health and other major components of life. It is decided that the cabinet and members of GBYF will collectively work for proper structuring and implementation of the platform.


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