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Social change and the role of student bodies

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[author image=”” ]Rehmat Amin is a professional banker having international exposure, he has recently completed one year scholarship program in United States of America funded by US state department of education and cultural affairs.[/author]

Soil of Gilgit Baltistan is very fertile when it comes to fabricating young, talented and exuberant leaders, in this editorial my focal point would be the frontrunners who have excelled in various fields of life plus they have ushered a new era of social change in our society by contributing towards the development of respective areas specially serving the community of GB in cities. This article is dedicated to apolitical young leaders who have been offering their detached services in various student welfare organizations.
Student organizations of GB played a pivotal role in magnification of students who travels far away from home in quest of better education and a superior job opportunity. Today more than a hundred regional and local student bodies are operating in Karachi and they are immensely contributing towards the development of youth. Besides playing a key role in student’s development these organizations actively contribute towards preservation of our core identity which is our culture, moreover they play an anchor role in creating a cohesive atmosphere among the youth of GB. Most of the student organizations are headed by young reformers who are very enthusiastic and sincerely wants to educate the youth of respective communities.
The best and most astounding part of student bodies is that the organizations are headed by either students or mid-career professionals who sacrifice time, knowledge and money for the sake of better future for their young brothers and sisters. No organization can sustain without a sound financial background, being natives of a marginalized area we are not that privileged to have ample amount of funds to smoothly run such organizations. The only source of money generation is to ensure door to door campaign, after a couple of successful years said organizations starts to generate funds through cultural programs which are not only a source of fund generation but It also helps the community to showcase our culture on national and international front. BADA a federating unit of HGISF in Karachi and HCF in Islamabad have been organizing such events for the past few years and the same is highly appreciated by various segments of society.
During my visit to United States I was really astonished to see few procedures when it comes to encouraging and recognizing the efforts of volunteers. The president of United States honors recognition award and certificates “The President’s Volunteer Service Award” to all the volunteers who have completed certain hours of community service. The volunteers gets a medal, personalized certificate and a congratulatory letter from President Barack Obama. Community service has bring the Americans together as one nation. Americans celebrates Marti Luther King Jr day as a day of service where many Americans spend their holiday by volunteering in a local community.
I aspire to apply this model even on a regional or a local level in our community so that the detached services of our youth and even our elders can be recognized and honored by awarding certificates and medals. Although student bodies are playing a key role in creating a social change but the idea of social change needs to disseminate across the community level. The only hope to spearhead this social change are the young leaders of our community specially the ones who have successfully completed their studies in worlds best institutions like Oxford and Harvard, based on my personal experience with the student bodies operating in Karachi I would like to mention names of two individuals who have been supporting such student led organizations over the years, Saranjam Baig(PHD student in Claremont University CA USA) and Shaukat Ali Khan(Global Senior IT infrastructure Architect at Nordisk Denmark), I would like to appeal all the other people who are studying or working abroad to play your part in changing our society as you are really fortunate to have experience all the dimensions of life that one dreams about in our part of the world.

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