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Sher Jehan Mir caretaker CM, Akbar Taban new governor

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GILGIT: Renowned banker, Sher Jehan Mir has been appointed caretaker chief minister of Gilgit – Baltistan [G-B], official sources confirmed on Tuesday.

HunzaNews Dec 10,2014

There are also reports that Akbar Taban from Skardu has been appointed G-B governor, replacing Pir Karam Ali Shah. Taban’s appointment has also been made in Islamabad.

“I have talked to Mehdi Shah and he confirmed me appointment of Mir as caretaker CM,” a senior politician told Outpost on Tuesday.

“A notification has also been issued about Mir’s appointment,” said the politician, who held a key position in Mehdi Shah government throughout government’s tenure.

The reports of Mir becoming the caretaker CM was also confirmed by dozens of other officials in G-B government but none possessed a copy of notification.

“This is confirmed news and I am saying this with full responsibility,” said another official at a key position in G-B.

Mir is a banker in G-B. One of the feathers in his cap is that he almost singlehandedly made Karakoram Cooperative Bank the largest financial institution of its kind in the region.

In the past, he was appointed G-B governor and the news was carried by the electronic media. But the appointment was later withdrawn immediately for reason best known to the rulers of that time.

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