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Pistorius verdict: Live Report

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Oscar Pistorius’ chief defence lawyer Barry Roux arrives at the Pretoria High Court

HunzaNews, Sept 13,2014

07:43 GMT – Gun charges – According to state witnesses Darren Fresco, a former friend of Pistorius, and Samantha Taylor, Pistorius’ ex-girlfriend, the Paralympic gold medallist shot a gun out of a car’s sunroof after an altercation with the police.

Pistorius denies the charges, and says that Fresco and Taylor are conspiring against him.

“The accused took his firearm and shot through the open sunroof of the vehicle, both Fresco and the accused laughed about the incident,” said Judge Masipa, recapping Taylor’s version of the incident, which happened a couple of years ago.

07:42 GMT – My colleague Andrew Beatty reports that after a bit of confusion the judge has started addressing the additional charges of firing gun out of a car sunroof.

Pistorius stands accused of three firearms offenses, shooting a gun through a car sunroof, accidentally firing a gun in a Johannesburg restaurant and illegally possessing specialised ammunition.

07:39 GMT – If the homicide charge sticks, the Paralypian could face more than a decade in one of South Africa’s notoriously violent jails.

Legal experts yesterday voiced surprise that Pistorius was found not guilty of murder, and predicted the case would likely not rest with the verdict.

“Everyone is a little surprised,” lawyer Audrey Berndt said, adding that Judge Masipa “should have explained her reasoning a little more.”

  Gianluigi Guercia Oscar Pistorius arrives at the High Court in Pretoria

07:45 GMT – Oscar Pistorius arrives at the High Court in Pretoria

07:36 GMT – Judge arrives – Judge Thokozile Masipa has arrived to the courtroom, where she has launched back into her judgement after yesterday’s cliffhanger, when she said Pistorius was “negligent” but did not elaborate on the verdict.

There are more police stationed inside the courtroom than usual, including some medics.

07:31 GMT – Uncle Arnold Pistorius looks in high spirits, is cracking a big smile as he chats with reporters sitting in the public gallery.

The back row of the courtroom is packed with members of the public who have come to see the trial.

07:27 GMT – Reeva Steenkamp’s parents, June and Barry, are both in court, both wearing white.

They are seated beside their lawyer, Dup de Bruyn, who has attended most of the trial along with June.

The Pistorius family has arrived, with the notable presence of Pistorius’ father, Henke. Pistorius has talked at length about how he does not get along with his father.

07:24 GMT – My colleague Stephanie Findlay in the court says Pistorius is sitting in the dock with his head bowed.

His lawyer Brian Webber is sitting reviewing documents, with his hand on his brow.

Pistorius defence lawyer Barry Roux has also taken his seat in the courtroom.

State prosecutor Gerrie Nel has not yet arrived.

Gianluigi Guercia Oscar Pistorius arrives at the High Court in Pretoria

07:30 GMT – Oscar Pistorius arrives at the High Court in Pretoria

07:19 GMT – Pistorius arrives at court – WELCOME TO AFP’S LIVE REPORT ON the Oscar Pistorius murder trial verdict. The celebrity athlete has arrived in court to face judgement for culpable homicide, a verdict that will decide if he walks free after his shock murder acquittal.

Surrounded by bodyguards, the sprinter pushed his way through the throng of media to get inside the Pretoria High Court, for what is expected to be the final day of judgement in his trial for killing his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentines Day 2013.(AFP)

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