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[author ]Bisma Umair[/author]

On earth, Pakistan is the luckiest country, that has been conferred with four different seasons, among these Autumn is more eye-catching for photography in Gilgit-Baltistan as during this season the valleys turns into colors like yellow, brown, orange, red and golden which looks very appealing to the eye. Phandar valley is also an attractive valley which is positioned in District Ghizer of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan and is about 61 km away from the valley of Gupis and 163 km away from Gilgit city. This valley is the most spectacular valley of Gilgit-Baltistan. A slanting road fleeting through verdant green meadows and forests with a vision of flowing river and freezing peaks will direct you to this fascinating valley.

v1 300x200 Phandar Valley

Phandar valley is filled with almost all colors of nature, from view of translucent waters to lakes and riversof deep blue water and that’s for sure as you reach there the very first glimpse of this valley will reduce all the tiredness of trip and will regain your strength with its thrilling sights.  In the month of June and July theweather of the valley remains very pleasant and is the most suitable time to spend vacations at this place as the beauty of the valley enhances and hits the highest point during these months as the days are fair and temperate where as winters are slightly cold.

d4 300x200 Phandar Valley

In order to facilitate tourists a model of PTDC is sited at a small hill beside the road. The total area of this valley is about 3 km.  Among tourists this valley is very much prominent with the name of “Little Kashmir”. The valley encompasses numerous glaciers but these are not that well-known among people as it involves hiking to reach their. Among these glaciers Ghonogh Glacier and Gha cherkick are the two large and beautiful glaciers and these are the main spring of irrigation water for the valley.

c3 300x201 Phandar Valley

Trout Fish is the most famous variety of this valley and in afternoon the bank of the river is detained by local children and tourists trying to catch the fish with their rods. Phandar Khass, Gulaghmuli andhundrep are the valleys that are in phandar and are known to be the widest valleys of north. The local residences of this valley are very generous and welcome everyone with generosity. Hotels and guest houses are also present near the valley, among these Shundor guest house and Wali hotel are quietpopular.

239 300x202 Phandar Valley

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