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OEC new cabinet takes oath

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ISLAMABAD: Organization for Educational Change (OEC) is the well-known organization striving for spreading educational awareness in the remote areas of Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) and grooming up the youth for excelling in their careers.

With its very organized and structured setup, several projects are carried out by the highly devoted volunteers. Taking its legacy to new heights, new executive body has been elected for the cycle 2016-17. Moreover, almost 200 plus volunteers have applied for OEC membership. The Oath taking ceremony of Executives was held on 13th March, 2016 at Potohar Hotel Rawalpindi. 

Tajali Abid, the Chairperson Monitoring and Advisory council (M&A) of the OEC, took the oath from newly appointed President Sikandar Baig and Vice President Ali Haider. The event brought the family of OEC together on one table and developed very interactive session among them. The good will partners, M&A council, former Executives and members of OEC were also part of the event. The diversity was seen in the team as the idea of taking people hailing from every district of G-B was incorporated by SikandarBaig and was much appreciated by the leaders and good will partners of the organization.


The precise introductory session of members was followed by the discourses of former Executives, Khayam Beg and Nelofer Raza, who preferred to highlight the challenges they faced in managing OEC Projects over the achievements they got from their services. The new Executives addressed the OEC members in which they articulated their vision and goals and they emphasized on the sustainability of projects. Noor Pamiri, good will partner of OEC, shared his point of view and encouraged new team to work with diverse team. Imran Ahmed Hunzai, member M&A council, gave overview of OEC’s development over the years.

 Naveed Hussain, senior member M&A council, delivered vote of thanks and appreciated spirit of volunteerism. The ceremony was concluded by paying greetings to the fresh volunteers and Executives on the high tea session. The new team of OEC, however, demands the cooperation and collaboration of institutions and individuals from all over the Gilgit Baltistan for rendering more services to the humanity.


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