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More awards for Chitrali youth

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PESHAWAR: Awards are pouring in as Rehmat Chitrali makes inventions. The latest in the series is “Yasirullah Shaheed Talent Award 2015”.

Tehreek-e-Jawanan-e-Pakistan (Chitral Wing) presented the award this week for his outstanding services in the field of language and culture documentation, promotion of mother languages and Software development.

HunzaNews Feb 02,2015

According to a press release, Rehmat Aziz Chitrali, linguist and poet from Chitral District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been awarded “Yasir Ullah Shaheed Talent Award  2015” by Tehreek-e-Jawanan-e-Pakistan (Chitral Wing) for his outstanding services in the field of language and Culture Documentation and best performance in his profession, observed & selected by Tehreek-e-Jawanan-e-Pakistan Award Committee(TJPAC).

The Yasirullah Shaheed Talent Award 2015 was awarded in a ceremony held at Archives Hall, Peshawar organized by Tehreek-e-Jawanan-e-Pakistan (Chitral Wing) on 30th January, 2015.

Rehmat Aziz Chitrali is a Pakistani Linguist, Mother-Language’s Rights Activist and an activist against Human Rights. He wrote many Children Books on regional languages of Pakistan i.e. Khowar, Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Hindko, Saraiki, Balti, Shina, Kalasha, Brahui and English. He founded the Khowar language Wikipedia and has acted to protect the rights of more than 69 languages of Pakistan. It is largely because of Rehmat Aziz Chitral’s work and activism that Marya Memon, Member National Assembly presented a Language Bill in the National Assembly regarding inclusion of Khowar, Balti, Shina, Saraiki and many other regional languages in the national syllabus.

His work is recognized through various national and international honours, Gold Medals and awards including the International Innovation Award 2014, Pride of the Nation Award & Gold Medal 2014, Innovative Youth Award 2014, Shandoor Award, Chitral Human Development Award, Sanad-e-Lisaniyaat, Rising Star Award, Sanad-e-Fazeelat, Pakistan Barnstar Award of National Merit 2014, Yasirullah Shaheed Talent Award 2015. He has also been nominated for N-Peace Award of 2014 and Queens Young Leaders Award 2015.

The Tehreek-e-Jawanan-e-Pakistan(Chitral Wing) organized a Seminar on “Role of Youth” & “Yasirullah Shaheed Talent Award” Ceremony at Archives Hall, Pakistan on 30th January 2015. The main objective of the seminar was to create awareness among youth about their role for improving governance and fighting against corruption and terrorism. Lt.Gen(Retd) Mumtaz Gul, Ex Vice Chancellor Peshawar University, Abdullah Gul, President Tehreek-e-Jawanan-e-Pakistan, Umair Khalilullah, Abdul Wali Khan Abid Advocate, Bahar Ahmed, Saifullah Mangol, Inayat Jalil Ambar and many others spoke on the occasion. Some of his writings in Pakistani languages can be found at

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