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Medicinal plant collectors get kits

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CHITRAL: Kits for the collection of medicinal plants on scientific and sustainable basis were distributed among the collectors who were earlier imparted practical training to choose and plucks the plants by non-timber forest department (NTFP).

HunzaNews June 2,2014

At a function held here, the conservator of forest Malakand Division, Afsarullah Khan Wazir distributed the kits which included tools used in the collection of medicinal plants without which a large volume of the plants were wasted. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Wazir said that the vast highlands of Chitral produced a large variety of medicinal plants making the district one of the potential markets of the commodity feeding the pharmaceutical industry on national level. He said that the plant collection on modern lines will broaden its base and provide job opportunities to the pastoral people dwelling in the semi-mountainous regions of the district who had no other source to derive their sustenance from. He said that steps were being taken by NTFP to change the plant collection into a full-fledged profession to exploit the plants to their full capacity and make Chitral the largest hub of the commodity. The in-charge of NTFP in Chitral, Ajaz Ahmed said that 56 people had been selected for extensive training in plant collection while the marginalized segments of the society were given preference to mitigate the prevalent ultra-poverty. He said that the obsolete and customary method of plant collection led to the wastage of the prospective plants and keeping in view this fact, the department has embarked upon a program of training and strengthening of the people of highlands. Mr. Ahmed said that the department is also providing guidance to the collectors to market their products to achieve dividends of greater magnitude while all other non-timber forest products are also being developed which included friendly harvesting of chalghuza pines and mushroom collection.– Zahiruddin


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