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[author ]Tahira Mir BS Honors Botany in Punjab University (4th semester).[/author]

“Life is a journey” A sentence that I have heard since I have been able to understand my senses. A question heaved in my thoughts and hit my sanity that “where are we travelling?” A stream of things which made me to question is the love virus that is circulating as fast as blood in the veins of our young generation. We are living in a society where a temporary and an illegal relationship is called “that love”. Where to cheat on our family is called a sacrifice in it. Where two unmarried people are called a couple.

I passed by of the same kind of young, lavishing couple at my institution. I didn’t wonder when the girl rushed away quickly having the signs of fear on her face from him when her parents were about to pick her up but yes I wonder that how she affords to cheat on her family this way. A family who have left no efforts in her brought up. We all must have watched such people and have taken them as an entertainment but have you ever thought that at the depth of this worldly entertainment there is a storm hidden which have to do nothing with us but yes to our society.

If I talk on a forthright scale then it’s truly incontrovertible to call this most commonly seen relation as boyfriend and girlfriend. The highest percentages of people who are suffering from this virus are students. This germ is attacking on a higher range of students from primary to university level. Students of even grade one have sense of this illness. These  same students when reaches higher level of studies become busier in forbidden activities .They see the opposite gender with a view of having a relation of so called love. Inevitably they diverge from their studies and spend their precious time in hanging out with their partner at class time and at home busy themselves on phone and other social media. Is this the only reason left for having opposite gender in the society? Students sneak into universities and colleges and get involved in the love virus.

With respect to our society girls who involve in affairs with boys suffer more problems. Their parents send them to the institutions to study. They spend money on them. But they remain unaware of their daughter that how she is playing with their trust. She gets trapped by a stranger’s sweet words forgetting her parent’s true love which she received since when she wasn’t even born. This not only filths her character but also causes problems to her family as well as her own marriage life afterwards. She faces menace from society which sometimes becomes the reason of suicides. On the contrary boys are less likely to suffer such problems. The only outcome which they had to bear is the view of people with a tag of grubby character.

If we start to dig out the hideous realities that are happening in our societies due to this virus then there will be no other reason left to cure this disease than these bitter realities which needs to be censor to be telecasted.

How can a stranger who met you few seconds before can give you a love which can be comparable to your parents love? How can it weigh to such an extent that it makes you to forget the prestige of your parents? How can it have more intensity than your parents love to leave your home? How can it be more valuable than the life that your parents made you to live that you quit it by a suicide?

Everything that is making our youth to the part of this marsh is the illusion that media is creating in our mind. If you doubt then go ahead, grab the remote , flip the channels you will get your mind clear. Every channel is showing a love story which have no reality in our daily lives but how can we be called goofs if we give up thinking this to be unreal.

Sometimes a question mark yanks in my mind that would this be the case if our society was not subjected to the love movies and all the entertainment related to it? The main reason behind this love virus is the mucky movies and dramas which our media is showing. The radio shows about love are also in the lead .This all is spoiling our nation and youngsters. They seek pleasure in copying what they watch in movies and dramas. Is this how we are travelling our lives?

Our government should take a serious control over the media to save our new generation. Apart from this our youngsters should be given awareness sessions to mold them to think above the plains of opposite gender and to make them realize that there are a lot many things in this world other than this boyfriend, girlfriend circle . This will help to explore much more creativity in this world being working together in spite of allowing to become the victim of the love virus which is of no worth except a wastage of time and lives.

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