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[author ]Tahira Mir BS Honors Botany in Punjab University (4th semester).[/author]

If you feel for every little thing you encounter then believe that you are the greatest person of the world.”

Feeling is a word that can’t be defined by its literal meaning. Its gist floats in its depth. A depth, that itself is in an ocean of emotions. Let’s begin from the place where you were born, where you grew, where you were nourished. If you were born in a good condition, if you were fed in the best way, then rewind your memory back to the time when are just delivered. Can you make some changes in your imagination? What if your mother had left you at the mercy of someone or no one? You , lying on a cold floor, rubbing your toes while crying hysterically. Tears are rolling from your eyes. No one can hear you screaming. No one is there to pamper and the mess is around you.Fast forward, with a jerk. Yes certainly you would have some jolts. The thing that can’t be touched, which made your mother to take care of you, which made her to lick your cheeks, to feed, to hold your hand and make you walk is non other than an internal sense FEELING. It has made your father to owe you his affection. It makes you smile when your family is smiling, its makes you cry when your people cries.

 Feeling is not only a family thing. Is it? If yes then close your eyes and dive deep into your thoughts. Did you see a bare footed girl on the wayside? Her stinky clothes, uncomb hair for like years, the dirt that has like comradeship with her. Flies are hovering and being up the creek she is begging. Are you feeling revolting? Come out, your dive is over. You missed a look into her eyes?

A beautiful destitute girl was peering through. You let the void unfilled. If you had felt for that little beauty imagine how great you would have been.  If you feel that your neighbor friend is sleeping with empty stomach then feel pleasure in it that you are spreading love. Because you would wonder if you explore how every little thing we ignore is if felt make this earth a place of love. Even a little smile we pass to someone who need it make this world a paradise to live in.

If we start to feel for others in every common matter then  we can surely make this world a peaceful and lovable place. Just once smile at a girl who begs on the roadside. Just once go and hug her without thinking about her impoverish condition if you have no other way to help her out. Just once feel the way she feels. Materials never soothes  your soul. You are only pacified IF YOU FEEL.

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