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HGISF Pakistan formed new Cabinet for the year 2015-2016 in Karachi

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Karachi:After successful completing of outgoing Cabinet’s tenure, the Hunza Gilgit Ismaili Students Federation (HGISF) Pakistanformed its new cabinet here in Karachi.

HunzaNews,March 24, 2015

Some members from outgoing Cabinet along with senior leadership from active federating units have been made the part of new cabinet to serve the community in the year ahead.According to the details, the following members have been appointed in the HGISF Cabinet for the period of March 21, 2015 to March 21, 2016.

  1. Shahzad Baig- Chairman
  2. Moin Akhtar-Senior Vice Chairman
  3. Sherezade Qureshi-Vice Chairperson
  4. Rehmat Karim Mughal-General Secretary
  5. Ms Sadia -Finance Secretary
  6. Rizwan Karim-Information Secretary
  7. Sarfaraz Ahmed-Joint Secretary
  8. Seema Farhad-Managing Committee (MC) Member
  9. Janshair Khan-Managing Committee(MC) Member
  10. Liaqat Sirang-Managing Committee Member


While the senior leadership of outgoing Cabinet (i.e. Cabinet 2014-2015) will work as the Advisorsof HGISF Pakistan; these include Mr. Fida Karim, Mr. Barkat Ali Shah, Ms. Anita Aziz, Ms. Fatima Gulshan, Mr. Rehmat Raheem Sherazi and Mr. Nisaruddin Ali Sher.Similarly, outgoing Advisors from Cabinet 2013-2014 will work as the Senior Advisors and outgoing Senior Advisors (i.e. Cabinet members 2012-2013) will serve federationas Donors for HGISF Pakistan.

Outgoing cabinet members and Board of Advisers have extended heartiest congratulation to all the newly appointed members and assured their all-out support, guidance and cooperation to strengthen HGISF Pakistanin the year ahead. Newly appointed members of cabinet highly appreciated the contributions of outgoing cabinet members and reiterated their commitment to carry forward thebright legacy of outgoing team through strengthening HGISF in the days to come.

It is befitting to note it here that HGISF Pakistan is aKarachi based Federation of more than eighteen Civil Society Organizations. It is mainly working on youth-centric issues through youth-led social welfare projects, awareness session and academic development programmes for the people of Hunza and Gilgit region living in their respective villages and elsewhere in Pakistan but mainly in Karachi.

During the outgoing period, HGISF along with its federating units opened a multi-purpose human development project under the name of Jiwani Development Centre besides providing several hundred thousand rupees scholarships to underprivileged students for their higher education and Early Childhood Development Diploma and Certificate Programme besides strengthening existing member organization and reviving dormant Village Organizations from Hunza and Gilgit region in Karachi. Similarly, recreational programmes, culture promotion programmes on different TV channels, sporting events, family get-togethers, awareness sessions on socio-educational topics, outreach services and lobbying with sister communities on mutual areas of concern along with  creating forward linkages with AKDN, Sindh Government and wider Civil Society Organizations in Pakistan have been remained the hallmark of HGISF Pakistan during tenure of outgoing Cabinet.

It is worth noting that the incumbent Cabinet comprises of young leaders who have proven experience of community service along with high quality education in their respective field and experience of working in leading organizations and Multinational Corporations in Pakistan.  Therefore, it is expected that under the dynamic leadership of Mr.Chairman, the newly appointed cabinet will lead the federation from strength to strengthto ensure a socially tolerant& inclusive, economically vibrant, culturally enriched & diverse and educationally meritocratic society in Pakistan. 

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