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It’s Because of Both Our Youth and Parents!!

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[author image=”” ]Noreen Akhtar,Hailing from Karimabad, Hunza, Student of Asian University for Women. She is an under- graduate student doing her minors in Mathematics and her major will be Environmental Sciences.[/author]

Two female students from Gilgit-Baltistan became victims of gang-rape in Rawalpindi. This is such a heart-breaking and painful incident that I could not prevent myself from writing this article to request both our youth and parents to understand what are the real causes behind why some of our girls are not safe in cities, what’s the condition of GB guys and how parents need to react.

How Youth is Responsible: The word ‘youth’ is addressing both girls and boys.

As we all know that almost all the GB students getting their higher education in cities belong to middle class families of GB, whose parents work hard day and night in order to help their kids to get quality education. Now, let’s ponder upon the following questions.

Are our youth fulfilling their parent’s expectations?

How are they contributing towards making their society peaceful?

Our girls are so much in to fashion and wasting money that they have almost forgotten their purpose of going to a city. We have almost lost our sense of differentiating among good and bad, real and fraud relationships and not letting guys to dominate us in a negative way (I am not personally attacking any girl here. I am appealing to make you realize that we girls have our own identity. We are independent and are supposed to serve back our society and parents. So, why we don’t realize what’s good and dangerous for us? Be clever, strong, think thousand times about how a guy is treating you and how you should respond to him and don’t annihilate your life through your own acts).

Furthermore, when I think about GB guys, this proverb comes to mind ‘jesi karni wesi bharni’. The situation of some of them is so worst that they not only chase GB girls but also tease girls from other cities on streets and college campuses. I ask you, why you don’t even bother to think that won’t the guys from other cities tease back our girls because of YOU? Of course they will. I request you to please stop acting like illiterate foolish people. Don’t tease girls and chase them saying that she is from GB so it’s our responsibility to protect her. If you really have a merciful heart then go and tell that girl that she is not safe and what she is doing is not right, instead of publicizing her character.

How Parents are Responsible: Gap between parents-children relationship is one of the root causes that create rigorous problems in society. Parents are the ones who really need to understand what the needs of their children are. It’s my appeal to you that sending your children to cities to get education and then starting making thousand expectations from them is not enough at all. You need to understand that along with fee, your children need extra money to survive and to fulfill their basic necessities. If they won’t get proper attention, won’t get money, then of course they will start engaging themselves in illicit activities. They will steal money, rape others or will get raped by others. Don’t make it a fashion to just send your children to cities if you can’t really support them or until they don’t get a good scholarship or become independent.

What can be done Unanimously to Overcome Such Harsh Conditions:

Our youth need to understand that we are protectors of each other (not only dominating girls) and understand what are the acts that are harming us as well as other community members.

We need to realize a sense of being able to differentiate what’s harmful and beneficial for us (especially girls).

One should not make himself/herself addicted of wasting money especially on drugs and fashion. It doesn’t matter if we have a lot of money because probably, our parents work hard to earn them.

Parents need to fulfill at least the basic necessities of their children and try to knock them again and again and ask them what they need and what are the problems they are facing. You can at least ask your kids from where they get money and how they handle financial problems without your support. This is because, without your support and concern, your kids will get distracted and forget their ambition. They will destroy their life as well as others.

I hope that this article will not offend anyone because I have tried to highlight and invite you to think over some of the major issues we are facing today for which we ourselves are responsible. I have no intentions of personally attacking anyone.

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