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Help Saving Deosai National Park-The Last Sanctuary [STOP festivals at Deosai]

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Please do not destroy the delicate balance of nature with meaningless Eco friendly Festivals at Deosai National Park. The place is as sacred and magnificent. Spare this place for nature lovers, adventurist and explorers. Deosai will lose its fragile eco-system and environment. It needs protection, Deosai is famous for endangered Himalayan Brown Bear habitation and some other rare variety of fauna and flora. Any extensive activity recently announced by Government of Gilgit Baltistan in the name of eco-friendly festival will certainly destroy the natural habitat of the endangered species. The festival will impact the sensitive ecology of the area.
Deosai National Park is notified by Gilgit-Baltistan Administration (Government of GB) as National Park under Northern Areas Wildlife Preservation Act, 1975. The area is protected by virtue of law, and therefore any activity, which can harm the threatened biodiversity of the national park, will be illegitimate and unlawful.
Please do not destroy Deosai it is the biggest and the highest altitude plateau in the world, instead of exploiting it it’s time to secure it. There may be alternative ways to promote tourism.
Let us join hands to save the eco-system and environment.


Concerned Citizens, Nature Lovers, Green Activists

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