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Gojal Ismaili Student Association Karachi appoints new cabinet

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The oath taking ceremony of Gojal Ismailia Student Association Karachi held National Council here in Karachi .

HunzaNews May 12,2014
Qamer Khan of Ismaili Regional Council for Karachi and Baluchistan administrated the oath.

The new appointees are as
Jamiluddin Rumi Chairman
Naveedullah Baig Vice Chairman
Aisar Shakoor Ali Hon. Secretary
Tariq Hussain Member Finance

The members of the cabinet are Peer Ali, Adil Karim, Nazia Ali, Safar Deedar Ali, Khairun Nissa, Sahran Khan, Naseema Rajab, Aman Husain, Muhammad Karim, Amil Rajab Shah,Hameed Alvi, Samina Parveen and Zubairullah.

Former presidents of GISAK, Karim Bahadur, Alam Jan, Dr. Sajjida Shah, Naseem Khan, Ali Yar and students across Gojal attended the ceremony.

Speaking to the ceremonial Qamber appraised the outgoing cabinet for their service devoted for the association. GISAK is the oldest platform serving the students of the region for five decades. He added.

Karim Ali Bahadur the former President of GISAK congratulate the new appointed chairman and members. He said the GISAK is a prestigious student association and you are lucky to get an opportunity to serve the community through such a reputed association. He expresses confidence on the new cabinet.

While Alam Jan emphasized the GISAK to provide career guidance of entrepreneurship along with other educational activates.

Jamiuddin Rumi the newly appointed Chairman thanked the outgoing cabinet for showing confidence on him.

Ali Yar presented annual report GISAK and in the end he paid vote of thanks to the participants.

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