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G-B Elections: 119 polling stations declared ‘highly sensitive’, 153 ‘sensitive’

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GILGIT: The Gilgit-Baltistan chief elections commission [CEC] has declared at least 119 polling stations ‘highly sensitive’ and another 153 ‘sensitive’ for Gilgit-Baltistan [G-B] legislative assembly elections.
HunzaNews 26 April 2015

Official in the chief election commission office told Outpost on Saturday that additional police and personnel of other security agencies will be deployed in those 272 of the total 1022 polling stations.

According to the official, details of the polling stations have been shared with regional home department, asking it to ensure timely arrangements for the polls.

The June 8 elections would be held in 24 constituencies in the seven districts of G-B where the total number of registered voters is 617,305 – of which 288,437 is the number of female.



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