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Fresh drone strike in Miranshah kills six

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MIRANSHAH: At least six people were killed in a drone attack in Miranshah, North Waziristan early on Wednesday morning, Express News reported.

HunzaNews,June 18,2014

According to Express News correspondent, a drone fired four missiles in Dargah Mandi, Tor Khel area of Miranshah.

The missiles were fired at two different targets. The identities of those killed in the attack could not be immediately ascertained.

Previous drone strikes

On Jun 11, two successive drone strikes reportedly killed around 16 people and injured few others.

Target of the first strike was a pickup truck that was parked against the outer wall of a compound. The compound and the truck were completely destroyed in the attack.

Officials had claimed that four Uzbeks and two Punjabi Taliban were killed in the strike.

In the second drone strike, the drone fired on the people who had gathered to dig the debris of a compound.

Three missiles were fired which hit the debris and two vehicles present at the site resulting in the deaths of around ten people.

There have been three drone strikes this year, killing around 20 people.

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