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Eid and its importance

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[author image=”″ ]MASOOD ALI KHAN student of M.PHIL “International Development Studies” and working in the development sector. [/author]

Observations and assessments became a part of my daily activities being associated with the profession. Early in the morning I was wondering what to do and with whom to share my observations so moved from my residence to the nearby residential areas and public places observing the Eid-e-Qurban activities. It was difficult to walk through the streets and roads due to the bloodshed and wastes. No one even bothered to take care of the public resources. The term Qurbani is interpreted very well in the Islamic preaching but unfortunately we do follow it for the sake of showing our assets and a traditional practice of sacrifice of animals. In front of the shops in the market poverty is clearly showing its impact in the form of those people who have no place to live, no food for their survival rather the only thing is usage of drugs by collecting few amount standing in the road sides and finally sleeping unconsciously. This is only one example and there are plenty for those who observe critically and assess the real situation of development in our society. The scholars of development defined development in many ways but in Pakistan we have our mind set to see the tangible especially changes in the infrastructure of the vicinity.
The question arises that how can we change our perception and leave a side the very personal aspect i-e our beliefs and come forward with a change factor that serving humanity should be the top priority. Understanding the needs of others and caring for each can influence someone to initiate different activities which can play their role in any aspect of development and poverty reduction. This is not easy in my point of view but the only thing is putting aside our ego and come up with the sacrifice of our personal desires to some extent and help others to live a life with the basic necessities, I always think that can there be any mechanism which can really have its impact in developing our minds rather the infrastructure etc. Sacrifice through animals have no positive impact rather it is a pre-condition for diseases due to the wastes irresponsibly spread in the streets. Realizing the actual aspect of sacrifice will reduce poverty, create a knowledge society, prosperity, create sense of caring and can have many more positive impact. This impact will ultimately play its role in the overall development of our country.
Concluding the general observation and factor to think about the term “Qurbani” can be compared with the societies and individuals who serve the humanity initiating different funding platforms and trying to uplift the poor people throughout the world. Pakistan is blessed with many resources but allocation and utilization of the resources is the major point to ponder. We wish others for their prosperity, happiness, success etc. but it is only in words and again I wish that we would have Qurbani throughout the year rather focusing on a specific day.

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