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Democracy in our society

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[author image=”” ]Nazir Aman:M.Phil student of political science[/author]

No political concept is more used and embezzle,then that of democracy.Nearly every regime today claims to be democratic.Since independence of Pakistan that we did not experience real democracy,we merely  adroit totalitarian dictatorship and military dictatorship in name of democracy,it is translated into different culture and its thread is spun for distinct  impetus.let me illustrate that in 1962 the S. E.fingrt wrote a book called ‘the man an hora  back”he listed six of official titles with which leading military dictators decorated their regime in the world,presidential democracy :  Nasser,basic democracy:  Ayub khan,Guided democracy: Sukarno,organic democracy: Franco,selective democracy: stroessner and Neo democracy: Trujillo.All of these course can mock those perversions of “democracy”.Military dictators ruled over pakistan more then 30 years,all the military dictators endeavour there best to become democrat..

In our society democracy  means,rule of landlords,rule of capitalist  and rule of elide class ,democracy is a child of force that is of aggression,conquest and subjugation,rule of law is for ruled not for ruler.

 The animation of citizen is  solitary,penurious, abominable,and corporeal.In pakistan democracy refer to Machiavellian,which expedient that  ruler should embody in himself,hypocrisy,meanness,cruelly,to be good is for harmful but to be pose to be good is usefull diabolic attitude,every elide is keen to gain legitimacy on the prop of capital and by force…if this is all democracy then philosophical anarchism and minimal state is advantageous.

We as a nation want to behold reall democracy,which is for the people and by the people,reall democracy means rule of law,transpiration,accountability,and meritocracy.  democracy is based on free discussion.It recognizes and welcome differences of opinion,in a true democracy,general masses have right to criticize and change the government,it presuppose the equality of all citizen before law..Democracy is  indeed,the best form of government,but  is also the most difficult .There are some terms and conditions for the success of democracy,the first and the most dynamic condition to promote democracy  is education.Education is necessary to make common citizen good,intelligent,honest,active,responsible,public-spirited,and tolerant.Education create political awareness and civic sense.This is the reason why Laski said that “education is the backbone of democracy”,so to strengthen democratic values society need to vigilance,it has been justly said that,like liberty,the price of democracy is eternal vigilance.A democratic society make heavy demands on its citizen,the people should be alert,and active in order to preserve democratic institutions,and enjoy there rights and liberty . Alone with vigilance and intelligence,democracy needs a spirit of tolerance and a sense of responsibility  among all its citizen. Tolerance the spirit of give and take are  essential for democracy. To promote democratic vales society need  to exterminate political slavery and politcal Nepotism.



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