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Culture and heritage of Gilgit Baltistan

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Culture and heritage of Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit –Baltistan has a number of cultural entities, ethnic groups and various backgrounds. In view of the multi-cultural and multi-lingual aspects, people also have a beautiful mix of lifestyles and attitudes presenting a pluralistic society living together in peace and harmony for centuries. The major languages spoken in the region are China, Balti, Burshaki, khuerwahki, and domaki, Urdu and English are common.

The region harbors diverse and endangered mountain cultural traditions. Historically these areas have been aloof from the rest of the world and their life has been revolving around livestock and agriculture. A variety of cultural festivals held in Gilgit Baltistan throughout the year present a exclusive facet of its cultural assortment and different forms of expressions.

These festivals represent a number of important recurring merriment cultural events and religious festival brings value additions to the surroundings, the rich diversity of people, culture arts, crafts and heritage. The folk music and instruments commonly used in Gilgit Baltistan are Dadang (drum) damal (percussion) Duff (a circle framed drum) Sunari or nay (a kind of flute) Ghajak (spiked fiddle) Sitar, Rubab and Gabi (flute) are popular and important instruments. The different rhythm is played in different occasion.

gilgit culture Culture and heritage of Gilgit Baltistan

Usually a rhythm is played during the departure of the bride from her parent’s house. Souse A martial rhythm and fast rhythm is played when sword dance is performed. Dani Hunza people’s favorite rhythm is Dani. There are many colorful festivals in Gilgit Baltistan observes during the year Navroz, Jashne Bahrain, Shandoor polo festival, Babusa polo festival, harvest time festival. The harvest festival is performed in the same way as the seeding festival the villagers’ thanks “Allah” God Almighty for the bounty that they are going to harvest from. A polo Traditional sport game of Gilgit Baltistan is polo was originally started from centuries ago.

culture baltistan Culture and heritage of Gilgit Baltistan




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