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Corruption in Gilgit-Baltistan Education Department

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Corruption in Gilgit-Baltistan Education Department.


Though corruption is rampant in almost every government department in Gilgit-Baltistan, the education sector is the worst affected. This pitiable department has been playing in the hands of some notorious government officials and political figures for more than a decade. Hundreds of thousands of teachers have been inducted illegally in this period, among those majority has either fake degrees or they are under/over age to meet the government’s criteria. It is a matter of grave concern for the high officials that, not even a single test or interview has been carried out to induct those illegal teachers, for years. Most of the beneficiaries are said to be the near and dear ones of provincial political figures, local bureaucrats, religious leaders and other influential personalities of GB, and the rest have used heavy bribes and related unfair means to get through the process.

Majority of newly inducted teachers have been upgraded to BPS-14 and BPS-16 within no time by exploiting the merit, while some poor senior teachers have been waiting for their turn of promotion for years. It is highly unfortunate that the most respectable and the most responsible profession of the society is so treacherously polluted by its own authorized officials in collaboration with the public law makers.

An inquiry about the corruption in the Education Department GB is in progress now-a-days. The Chief Secretory Gilgit-Baltistan is playing a leading role in the whole investigation. The special inquiry team set up by him, has presented a report claiming to have found illegal induction of thousands of teachers in all the seven districts of GB. The Chief Secretory has ordered to conduct test and interviews of all those illegally inducted teachers but severe hurdles are being created in the way of fair investigation, by the so called political leaders and other culprits of the society.

The Chief Minister GB has recently said publicly that if the test/interview  are conducted, he would resign from his position. This is a pathetic dilemma with the unfortunate area that is already the most backward part of Pakistan. Due to the lack of interest of Federal Government, the corrupt, selfish and illiterate provincial leaders are making it more precarious by sabotaging merit. It is time for the government to take strict action against all those involved in the corruption, else the wrath of public may cross the limit any time.


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