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[author image=”” ]Mujeeb Alam Student Of Mass communication at FCCU Lahore[/author]

Hunza is known as ‘Paradise on earth’. To a great extent that is true. The region is gifted with natural minerals, huge mountains, and some stunning glaciers. We have all the constituents of life but Electricity and hygienic water. Most of our political leaders and socialists are taking consideration of energy crises but none of them is taking notice of the deficient of drinking water in this region.

It’s not that we don’t have water in the region, here, what I mean is drinkable water that is free from harmful germs. We the people of Hunza are responsible to inflict the deficiency of drinking water and we are the bearers of consequences. I took a visit of canal, from which half of central Hunza use water for drinking purpose, from Karimabad to Aliabad, including Mominabad, Ganish, Garilth and Hyderabad. The canal was crammed with plastic bags and other waste materials. Filthy water from some houses was plunging into the canal. Some cattle were there to fill up the scarcity, enjoying the summers whilst summing. Moreover, no one is contemplating, people next to him/her is enjoying the tang of garbage thrown into the water.

The government water pipeline project was devised to facilitate the people with clean drinking water. Here the situation of water tanks is not much disparate that of the canal. The locals report dead mice and other small animals adding flavor to the water and no one is there to take notice of that. Many people are suffering from stomach and other lethal diseases. Hepatitis-B is the most common of them. NAPWD Northern Area Power and Water Department is the government organization responsible for the provision of water. Although, NAPWD is trying to facilitate the people, to some extent it seems the organization is vain to come up to the mark. However, the need is to take some serious steps for the maintenance of water tanks and preservation of pipelines. It seems we are gifting our upcoming generations’ deadly diseases. It is our responsibility to show some seriousness towards our society and secure our future and our generations from lethal diseases.

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