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Collateral damage: Dilapidated roads irk residents of Gilgit

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GILGIT: Potholes and mud puddles along the streets paint a gloomy picture of the condition of roads in Gilgit city. The dilapidated condition of roads has irked residents as authorities have failed to take concrete measures to address the matter.

The rains, which lashed Gilgit-Baltistan in the first week of April, damaged a large number of roads. Stones and mud have accumulated in at least five places on River View Road.

Similarly, engineers from the works department are trying to pass water through sewerage lines along Park Link Road that remain badly choked. As a result, they have started construction work at four places to give effect to this plan. Park Link Road is one of the busiest thoroughfares which leads to Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly.


Residents have hailed the decision to open the sewerage line, saying it is a timely move that will save many houses in Kashrote and Nagral areas from being inundated. However, others have criticised the G-B government over delays in carrying out repair work.

Sultan Khan, a resident of Gilgit, told The Express Tribune the decision to open the choked sewerage lines was a positive move as it would prevent many houses from being submerged in water. “However, unnecessary delays in carrying out repairs have overshadowed the good work done earlier,” he said.

Zubair Muhammad, another resident, said, “The debris and holes on roads in Gilgit city not only disrupt traffic flow but also speaks volumes about the government’s commitment towards development.”

He added, “The delay has inconvenienced residents. It will be a tragedy if someone, especially a child falls into a hole.”

On Tuesday, two motorcyclists collided on Park Link Road and were injured as they attempted to pass through a hole surrounded by debris. The injured were rushed to the hospital.

The other view

While speaking to The Express Tribune, Faizullah Farak, a spokesperson for the G-B government, said the repair work would start in a day or two.

“The chief minister called the relevant officials in his office and expressed displeasure over delay in repair work,” he said.

According to Farak, work on other arteries would also be undertaken to compensate the lack of interest shown by the previous government towards development.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 12th, 2016.

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