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Autumn in Hunza Valley- A spectrum of gold hues

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[author image=”” ]Syeda Sana Zehra

Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.[/author]

Pakistan is one of those countries whose beauty is inevitable. Chock-full with the dynamic rivers, lakes, mountain ranges, springs, orchids. Such views are all in copious. One of the divine places in Pakistan’s northern area is “Hunza Valley,” regarded as the “Heaven on earth.” The most visited place in Pakistan. The valley magnificently encircled in Karakoram and Himalaya mountain ranges. Allocated at the distance of 100 km from Gilgit-Baltistan. It spreads on 7900 square kilometers.

The weather remains moderate in summers about 31-degree Celsius. The Valley offers extremely different panoramas in various seasons. The summer is green, and spring is filled with the beautiful flowers of white, pink and purple colors, whereas, in autumn the whole valley turns into red, yellow and orange. The temperature of the Valley drops to 15-degree Celsius, as the month of October reach. A happy season is about to flinch. The days wane, illuminated by the weak rays of the sallow sun. The grounds of Valley beautifully carpeted with the gold and orange hues leaves. The fall has arrived, behold the falling leaves and a noise of crisp leaves under the foot gives a pleasant experience to the tourists.

Autumn in Hunza valley is bursting with the fascinating spectrum of colors of fall. The shades of fall include golden, yellow, red and green. However, the most dominating are gold and red. It is, however, consider as the second best fall in the world after William Town in U.S.A. The general effect of these delicate hues of gold and red trees reflected in the Hunza River.  The bluish-green water of the river augments the picture of autumn. Discriminating among the real and the mirrored image is difficult.

Nonetheless, the fascinating insignia brings the glorious transfusion in the human body. Some vacationers went to Hunza valley for rehabilitation. October is the month when autumn season hit the valley and scatter the colors of ecstasy. The flowers bloom and dance with the cold wind of tranquil valley. The place needs to holiday every year.

The month of October bursts with fruits as well. It is the ripening season of Apricots, Mulberry, Apples, Peaches, and Plums. The fruits are the real gems of the valley. Orchids are bursting at the seams of the fruits.

I have the urge to retreat to the valley. After all, living in a society where mobbing, blasts, and carnage are the daily routine, and the protesting voices are waning. How can there be peace of mind in such a place, where uncertainty is far and wide?

In the mountains, one feels seclude; separated from depressions, isolated from everything but the friendly nature of people of northern areas, the loving and caring people that they are.

Autumn has just arrived. The dazzling period of the pleasant environment. Cold breeze, enchanting tints of natural surroundings

Nonetheless, this period is the one who nurtures the soul of a person with a serene environment. A perfect place to diminish the apprehensions and delight in the enchanting splendor nature.


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