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Accounts of Hunzai’s outlawed Khana-e-Hikmat frozen

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ISLAMABAD: The outlawed Khana-e-Hikmat, the publication and research organization of Nasiruddin Hunzai, a religious leader from Hunza who is settled in Canada, is among 700 individuals and groups whose accounts have been frozen, according to ministry of interior.

HunzaNews January 20, 2014
hunzaiThe federal government has released the list of these organisations and extremists. Most of them belong to the Punjab.
According to reports, the government of Pakistan banned Hunzai’s organization early this year under the Anti-Terrorism Act of 1997 for its link with terror organizations in the country and abroad.
A notification issued by the ministry and dispatched to all provinces and Gilgit-Baltistan said all bank accounts of the organization should also be frozen with immediate effect. The ministry said the operation of the organization, especially in Gilgit-Baltistan, was against the interest of the country. With the issuance of the notification, the possibility of further action against the outlawed organization like raids on its offices has increased.
The federal government sent fresh circulars to the home departments of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab for action against extremists. It says some branches of the banned organisations and groups have been working with different names although the government had banned 60 organisations. This is a brazen violation of the law.
The government has warned that the banned outfits and their branches are not allowed to work under any name whatsoever and the provincial governments should initiate necessary steps in this regard.
It says movements to and from different cities and towns of individuals having contacts with extremists should be kept under surveillance. Sources say names of those 700 individuals whose accounts have been frozen due to maintaining contacts and providing resources to banned outfits have been included in the red book of the federal government.
The federal government is to take important decisions on Monday after reviewing the National Security Policy (NSP) prepared by the Interior Ministry and security agencies. The first part of the NSP will be strategic in nature, the second one operational, and the third will be secret.
In the secret part of the draft NSP, framing of new laws will be suggested against those providing assistance in securing their financial resources. A new mechanism has been evolved in the NPS to promote cooperation among intelligence organs of the federal and provincial governments. This includes forfeiture of moveable and immovable assets of those included in the red book.
The Fata Secretariat has been directed to stiffen the surveillance system and to tighten the noose around those involved in extortion, abductions for ransom, terrorism and other grave crimes.
List of terrorist organisations


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