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What I am expecting the most

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[author image=”” ]Noreen Akhtar,Hailing from Karimabad, Hunza, Student of Asian University for Women. She is an under- graduate student doing her minors in Mathematics and her major will be Environmental Sciences.[/author]

It’s been quite a long time seeing political posts and watching political videos made by fans of political candidates to show their love and enthusiasm. Some people were using harsh words, some were compelling others to vote for a particular candidate because he belongs to THIS particular family and some were raising slogans of ‘vote for change’. Now, the question raises that have we really thought about what kind of change we really want to see in our beloved GB or are we just having fun through posting such political posts and participating in rallies? I bet some people did the same but now, we need to have some specific goals and force newly selected candidates to work on some of these specific goals at any cost. It’s been a decade; I haven’t seen as such a big change as a result of these elections per five years. Now, we don’t want our history to become dominant once again.

What I am expecting the most from newly selected candidates? This is such an important question we all should ask from ourselves and we should have its answer too. I am expecting an evolution in education system in different government as well as private institutions of GB. We all know that there are some institutions (especially government schools and colleges), which do not provide even basic facilities to students and there are private schools and colleges (like Higher Secondary schools), which provide a better diverse environment but restrict students to opt either pre-medical or pre-engineering. Most of the parents who cannot afford fee in private schools send their kids to government schools where they don’t get enough facilities. Moreover, when students get selected to private schools like AKHSS’s they have to study pre-medical or engineering because they don’t want to miss the chance of studying in a diverse environment. This time, I am expecting both AKES as well as newly selected candidates to work on this education system in collaboration with each other in order to provide better facilities including more courses to opt. We should not forget that in this modern age, where technology has changed people’s lives, we are not even permitting student to use computers in labs or they don’t even have computers at all. This is only one example.

let’s not show our enthusiasm only during the time of elections in order to participate in the rallies. Let’s be logical and demand our basic rights from these candidates because only WE can lead our society towards a better future. let’s not allow them to become monarchs and rule over GB but work for public. If we want to see a positive change in GB, if we want our future generations to become global leaders and spend a better life ahead, then we need to change our education system. Only quality education can lead us towards a successful future.


Author: Noreen Akhter

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