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Live Election Result GBLA-6 Hunza

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Party: AWP
Total Votes: 4568 2nd position
Party: PMLN
Total Votes: 8976 1st position
Party: PTI
Total Votes: 1906 4th position
Party: PPP
Total Votes: 2524 3rd position
Party: APML
Total Votes: 97
Party: MWM
Total Votes: 946

Final Result

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Hunza News Team


———————————————————— NEWS REPORTERS ———————————————–

1.Nadeem/ Naveed Ahmed /Furqan Ali          Karimabad

2. Muieez                                                                Aliabad

3. Nadeem/Furqan                                              Murtazabad

4. Nadeem                                                              Altit

5. Ijlal Hussain                                                      Aliabad

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