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Second highest world record of Blue-sheep hunting at KVO Gojal Hunza

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An Italian national Boieti Gian Carlo recently hunted a Himalayan Blue-Sheep at the Khunjrab villagers Organization (KVO) wild life conservancy area at Gojal Valley on 7th March, 2015.

Sources said that it is the second highest record in the world and first highest record in Pakistan. KVO is the pioneer organization for the hunting of blue-sheep in Pakistan. One can pay $8,600/- for hunting a blue-sheep at the KVO conservancy area through Parks & wildlife division Hunza-Nagar.






An event was also organized by KVO at a hotel in Sost Gojal for being the first “community conservation hunting Area” (CCHA) in Pakistan by attempting and achieving the highest target. The Range Forest Officer (RFO) Park and wild life hunza-nagar Mr. Shabbir Ullah Baig, the members of KVO and other notables of the village were invited in the event.

The foreign hunter appreciate the efforts made by KVO and Government Park and wildlife division hunza-nagar for the protection and conservation of wildlife species in the area.






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