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Rising price of flour in G-B

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There are more and more people in the country who believe people need to take more action if anything is to change.

HunzaNews April 19th, 2014.

There is also a feeling that too little attention is being paid to the issue of inflation — something that affects all of us. It especially affects people in the more deprived regions of the country, such as Gilgit-Baltistan, where the price of a single kilogramme of wheat flour has soared within a short period from eight rupees to 16 rupees, with fears it may reach 36 rupees by July this year. The impact on the lives of people is not hard to imagine.

Given the situation, it is good to see a group of some 23 parties, combined under the umbrella of the Awami Action Committee (AAC), come together to protest the rise in prices. The strike called by the group was hugely successful, with lawyers, traders and others joining in. The AAC consists primarily of religious groups, the leaders of some personally joining the rally, as well as some political groups. It is heartening to see religious parties take the lead in upholding the rights of people. This indeed should be the primary concern of these groups, serving and protecting people who suffer is, after all, a basic principle of our religion, and indeed many others. Larger political parties could learn some lessons, and keep in mind what the main concerns of people are. Attention needs to be drawn to them. It is also good to see the AAC active in a deprived and often neglected portion of the country. For much of the time the situation of people here is forgotten, and there is a kind of disconnect from the rest of the country.

This should not be the case. During the strike action across G-B, with transport coming to a stop in Skardu, Chilas, Gilgit and other areas there were recollections of the subsidy given on flour under Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. It is clear people need this now as much as they did then. The AAC has highlighted their plight. We must hope the matter will be taken up at the highest levels.

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